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CWT, a global provider of travel and meetings and event management services, strictly upholds the highest business and ethical standards in its business and supply chain.

Through the CWT Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and the CWT Responsible Business program, the company holds itself and those with whom it works to high standards of ethics and conduct. This commitment to employees, clients, suppliers and other partners and stakeholders is at the core of the way in which CWT does business:

  • CWT opposes all forms of slavery and human trafficking – without exception.
  • CWT is committed to taking steps to influence our business partners and supply chains.
  • As a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2012, CWT actively supports the Compact’s Ten Principles focusing on the core areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption as well as the International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Labor standards.
  • CWT reports annually on progress towards these principles (see the Ethics and Compliance and Responsible Business).

CWT introduced a Responsible Supplier Code in 2015, which sets out the standards of conduct CWT expects from any and all suppliers, including:

CWT reserves the right to terminate relationships with suppliers found to be in breach of the Responsible Supplier Code and to audit suppliers’ compliance with its terms.

CWT seeks to establish and maintain relationships with suppliers with a view to ensuring that all parts of the supply chain act in accordance with applicable laws, CWT’s values and ethical principles.

CWT’s employment and labor practices reinforce a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace with a strong culture of collaboration and respect for others. This is underpinned by policies fostering mutual respect and dignity, promoting diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights, and workplace health and security (see CWT’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for more details).

CWT has been recognized by EcoVadis as a leader in responsible business practices among global businesses, having attained a Gold Corporate Social Responsibility rating in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

All employees of CWT are required to complete annual training on our business conduct and ethics policies.  In 2018 CWT made available a Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) Employers Alliance training to help employees better understand the issue, recognize the signs of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and know what they can do to address it. In addition, internal conferences on the topic were organized.

To further inform and engage our customers, in 2018, CWT launched digital anti-trafficking ads on its client travel platform, with a call to action to report signs of sexual abuse and trafficking. 

In 2019 RoomIt by CWT Raised $100,000 to Support World Childhood Foundation Programs Preventing Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking.


This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes CWT's statement against modern slavery and human trafficking as approved by CWT’s Executive Leadership Team.


Read more in the HR and Human Rights section of our Responsible Business report


Na CWT, mantemos os padrões mais elevados de ética e conduta, que se aplicam a nós e às pessoas com quem trabalhamos. Este comprometimento com nossos colaboradores, clientes, fornecedores e outros parceiros orienta tudo o que fazemos.


Porque existimos. No que acreditamos. Como agimos.


  • Faça o que é certo
  • Seja exemplo
  • Confie nos outros


  • Cumpra seus compromissos
  • Seja responsável pelo que faz
  • Assuma o papel
    de líder


  • Obtenha sucesso trabalhando em equipe
  • Impressione por meio de ótimas experiências
  • Seja inclusivo


  • Seja ousado
  • Desafie-se e aprenda
  • Melhore a cada dia

Declaração da CWT contra a escravidão e o tráfico humano

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