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CWT at the Business Travel Show Europe

Let's rewrite the rules of business travel

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29 - 30 June 2022

Excel, London

Everyone is talking about getting ‘back to travel’ post-pandemic, and while that is very much the vibe of this year’s Business Travel Show Europe, getting to grips with the new ‘rules’ is not easy. We are decoding these rules and helping travel managers navigate through to a new normal for themselves, their organisation, and their people.

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30 June 2022  |  Show Floor Theater 2


CWT's Senior Director of Global Supplier Management, Varinder Atwal, will be joining the session: Forecasting Forum – The supply and demand outlook for the next 12 months.

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Travel with purpose

Now, more than ever, the pressure to ensure we are engaging in ‘purposeful travel’ is on every travel manager’s mind. Business travel should be quantifiable with defined objectives and a measurable ROI; something that can be tricky. CWT is championing the ‘purposeful travel’ movement and we have the tools to help you prove the value of every trip.

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Sustainability targets soar

The bar for sustainability and diversity and inclusion has been significantly raised in the last few years and it’s left a lot of organisations struggling to keep up. 87% of customers want to see carbon emissions information at the point of sale; and gender neutrality options in the booking process is now expected.

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Employee wellbeing on top

The pandemic put everyone’s health and mental wellbeing in the spotlight and that expectation hasn’t gone away as we emerge from under the restrictions. Employees have higher expectations than pre 2020 and it’s not simply about safety and security; they want to work and travel more flexibly, and they want a say in shaping the travel policy.

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