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Special Edition March 2019


Since 1 November 2018, Qatar Airways has been offering its Business Class passengers route the revolutionary and patented Business Class QSuite experience in an Airbus A350 on the afternoon rotation (QR95/QR96) from Zurich to Doha. And as of 31 March the Qsuite will be featured on both flights from and to Zurich.

The QSuite, "First in Business", offers various configuration options to best meet the needs of the passengers and provide a very special flight experience. Passengers travel in a private, multifunctional suite that can be tailored to their individual needs. The Business Class Qsuites are equipped with sliding doors to provide more privacy. Flat beds allow comfortable travel. While sliding panels allow passengers to transform their seats into a common area. This allows two, three or four people to work, dine and chat together. Business Class travel is taken to a whole new level with the configuration option, offering passengers more choice and privacy.

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