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January 2020

CWT Leisure: Anticipation is half the fun

Anticipation can boost your endorphin levels and reduce stress. A study has even found out that more than half of participants would rather delay a happy event by three days than experience it immediately.

So why not book your annual holiday now? Because the earlier you book, the longer you can look forward to it. This is obviously common knowledge, because January and February are the most popular months for booking a summer holiday.

There are plenty of reasons: In many companies, holiday planning in January is usually at the top of people’s to-do lists, and vacation dates have long been decided.

Furthermore, flight capacities can quickly sell out in the holiday season, which is another reason to book early – after all, not many people have their own private jet.

Finally, many airlines offer an early booking discount of up to 400 euros. Add to that anticipation with more endorphins and less stress, and what are you waiting for? Book your holiday early in 2020!

We would be happy to help you stir your anticipation!

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