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February 2020

CWT Leisure: The way to a traveler’s heart is through his stomach

“Weather good. Accommodation fine. Food delicious.” Postcards sent home to loved ones – from a vacation, school trip or riding holiday – usually went something like this. That shows just how important the quality and choice of food has always been. You knew everything was alright if the food was good …

The same applies today: The way to a traveler’s heart is through his stomach. Indeed, many people travel because of the food. After all, what would a holiday to France be without good food and wine? Or to Italy without the country’s typical cuisine? And if the weather is bad, then good food is even more important, otherwise it is likely to spoil the holiday mood.
When cuisine and enjoyment become the main reason for traveling, it allows you to really immerse yourself in the culture – you can literally taste it. Is a gourmet trip your cup of tea?

Of course, we would be happy to show you plenty of other places at your dream destination that don’t necessarily involve pots and pans.

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