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March 2020

Small events – Big impact

Did you know that companies spend 70 percent of their event budget on locations for smaller events? That’s not because these venues are more expensive, but it is at least partly due to costly and time-consuming processes for sourcing and invoicing. That leaves plenty of scope for savings!

These smaller locations are often not recorded centrally, and as a result, companies find it impossible to standardize sourcing. That makes the request process very time-consuming: Event planners usually send requests to several locations in parallel, wait for an answer, have to follow up, negotiate, etc. by email. They then have to compare manually whether the venue corresponds to the event policy, and even the invoicing is not always in line with the company’s processes.



Searching, booking and invoicing locations seamlessly
CWT now offers its customers a comfortable and efficient solution with CWT easy2meet: Even the free version allows event planners to check the availability of more than two million conference venues in 350,000 hotels worldwide in real time. They can send a request to several locations at once, compare costs transparently – including group bookings for overnight stays – and book them straight away if necessary. The premium version allows users to enter the company’s and the business travel provider’s negotiated rates and map approval processes. It can even be linked to ERP and invoicing systems.

The advantages are obvious: The whole process from searching to booking and invoicing is seamless, saving both time and costs. Sourcing a location with easy2meet takes up to 86 minutes less time, is more policy compliant, and the event data are fully available and transparent. That increases safety for participants and makes it easier to evaluate.

CWT easy2meet is available in 14 languages.

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