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Mysteries of the technology universe




The future success of the corporate travel industry is tied to technology. AI, Blockchain and Biometrics will occupy a predominant place in the universe of corporate travel. Sounds daunting?


Experts believe that AI will be able to automate certain aspects of business travel faster than leisure travel thanks to the data contained in traveler profiles, travel program parameters and recurring travel patterns.




AI (Artificial Inteligence)

Considered by many to be the world's most changing invention, AI can be defined as the ability of machines to perform routine tasks 'intelligently'. Big data is nothing more than a large amount of data. AI is what allows machines to process that multitude of data, find patterns and, thanks to algorithms that mimic human reasoning, perform tasks that previously required human intervention to perform.

The volume, breadth and depth of data in the corporate travel industry is immense, with information on almost any industry worldwide. We know the frequency, category and class of travel, the type of traveler and their destination. There is enough data to assess the weight of this information with economic performance indicators.

By obtaining travel data, including credit cards, travel and expenses, and combining it with human resource data and other information in the context of operations and revenue streams, organizations can accurately correlate travel with revenue.

The benefits of this technology also simplify the lives of travelers, travel managers, and travel program managers. 

IA and corporate travel, perfect allies

Artificial intelligence has received a great deal of attention and it is sometimes difficult to understand its advantages and disadvantages. If your music device makes a mistake and doesn't play the song you wanted to hear, no problem. But if your travel application receives the wrong request, the implications can be considerable. That's why CWT has taken a thoughtful and thoughtful approach to how to leverage the applications of this technology and how to implement it in our solutions.

To remain a market leader, we have a data analysis and innovation team of over 100 people working on introducing artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, blockchain, chatbots and voice into the world of corporate travel.


Blockchain is essentially a decentralized and transparent data network. A technology that will change the way travel managers and travel management companies use and exchange a traveler's identity.

This technology stores information in unalterable encrypted blocks. This information can only be accessed through codes shared by authenticated users, who can see the data but not modify it and create incorruptible records of their transactions. Suppliers, travel managers and travel management companies will be able to track the identity of travellers at different points on their journey without compromising data security.

Thus, an authentication system such as blockchain increases protection against fraud and decreases the risk of identity theft.

Additionally, invoicing, settlement, payments, contract negotiation and identity verification are activities performed by travel industry companies through manual processes with multiple controls and verification processes. Distributed records secured by blockchain will ensure that all parties agree on a single version of the truth in real time by eliminating such processes.

For example, a traveler's identity can be verified from anywhere, eliminating that cumbersome exchange with passport control when it doesn't look like their photo. An application that clearly assigns passengers their luggage is also being studied.

When it comes to loyalty programs, points and bonuses can be obtained from vendors and be instantly accessible and used as a currency.

Changes in business travel are just around the corner, but Blockchain is simply the piece of connectivity. Our job is to build the future on that ecosystem.


Biometrics is a set of computer techniques used to automatically identify an individual on the basis of physical, biological and even behavioural characteristics. It consists of the use of parts of the human body or factions to replace or speed up certain actions.

Biometric parameters are already used in airports to reinforce control and security measures and new advances are expected in the coming months.

1 -The fingerprint for example will replace boarding passes at airports where biometrics, robotics, wearables are beginning to be implemented.

2- Airline companies and airports are beginning to present solutions that will use facial recognition for a "biometric boarding" or "selfie ID", which would use the authenticated photo of the traveler stored in his mobile.

3- On the other hand, facial emotions are beginning to be used in hotel satisfaction surveys. That technology detects the reactions of guests, processes the information and obtains an assessment that activates internal protocols to improve the customer experience. 

But this is only the beginning. We are starting to talk about airports without security facilities in the immediate future so sooner rather than later business travellers will no longer have to go through the heavy checks thanks to biometrics.     

The question is to what extent business travellers are prepared to hand over their personal data to authorities, carriers or airports for the sake of speedier travel. 

Discover  CWT's exclusive tools based on these technologies


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CWT AnalytIQs

Solución interactiva que permite analizar los datos de gastos en viajes, identificar oportunidades de mejora, hacer seguimiento de los indicadores de la compañía y realizar benchmarking con sus pares.

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CWT Program Messenger 2.0

Envía mensajes personalizados a los empleados para reforzar la política de viajes, proporcionar información del destino o informarles sobre su gasto autorizado.

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Reserva de vuelos en el móvil CWT To Go

Aplicación gratuita que sincroniza los viajes de tus empleados con el calendario de su smartphone, para que sean más productivos durante sus desplazamientos.

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CWT Price Tracking

Monitoriza constantemente los billetes de avión emitidos y las reservas de hotel vía GDS para proporcionarte ahorros en vuelos y hoteles.

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