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CWT at the GBTA Conference, Brussels

Let's rewrite the rules of business travel

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8-10 November 2022

The Square, Mont des Arts, Brussels


Everyone is talking about getting ‘back to travel’ post-pandemic, and while that is very much the vibe of this year’s GBTA Conference in Brussels, getting to grips with the new ‘rules’ is not easy. We are decoding these rules and helping travel managers navigate through to a new normal for themselves, their organisation, and their people.

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Join our session:

Hybrid events - the how, the why and the ROI

Fredrik Hermelin, Senior Director Global Sales, CWT Meetings & Events


For those with limited working knowledge, get to grips with the basics of hybrid & virtual events and the significant benefits to organizations. For those with more experience, the session will deliver practical tips and advice for planning, delivering, and evaluating even more successful virtual & hybrid events.

Fredrik will also explore the events of the future, in particular, the metaverse – getting us excited about the possibilities it could offer in as little as ten years, and how hybrid & virtual events technology will soon become the norm.

Session outcomes:

  • Develop virtual & hybrid events with confidence after hearing about the different technology & tools
  • Create strong content that appeals to both online and live audiences.
  • Prove your event ROI and track engagement.



GBTA Sustainability Summit

Register for GBTA’s first ever sustainability summit on 8 November and be a part the driving force behind the ambitious plan to decarbonize business travel. You can easily add a pass for this event onto your existing GBTA conference registration.


And don’t miss…

Signature cocktails on the CWT stand (69) as a warm-up to the first GBTA Big Night Out in three years; food, drinks, dancing, and a night to remember!

The GBTA/CWT 2023 Global Business Travel Forecast

This highly anticipated annual forecast is designed to enable corporate travel buyers to build and budget their 2023 travel programs with an informed summary of how the global pandemic influenced pricing in 2022, as well as a detailed dissection of macroeconomic factors that will likely influence pricing in 2023. 

Read the forecast

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