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Hotel Program Success in a Changed World

A Roadmap for an Evolving Travel Landscape



An effective hotel program can boost savings, compliance, and traveler morale, but building one takes time, effort, and insightful data. What works for one organization might backfire at another for several reasons. There are many variables at play - accommodation spend, travel frequency, types of trips - that often make it hard to glean a “top 10” list for what defines true success in preferred hotel programs.

With COVID-19 upending travel for much of 2020- 2021, corporations are rethinking their entire travel budgets, partnerships and guidelines. That means there are even more reasons to scrutinize past success and rethink future negotiations. As corporate hotel sourcing strategists consider 2021 and beyond, how should they evaluate the magic mix that delivers the best value and content for their travelers’ needs?

Hotel Program Success in a Changed World is a roadmap for this new approach in an evolving travel landscape. It shows how the right content, right displays, right tools, all perfectly aligned can drive satisfaction and help you achieve your program objectives.

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