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Corporate travel services working for a smoother return to travel

Kathy’s global team ensure our client’s travel programs run smoothly. Issuing a ticket is just the start of a journey and occasionally there are hurdles to be overcome. Flight schedule changes, refund handling and reporting are just a few of the processes the team work on, largely behind the scenes, but without which some journeys would be so much harder.

Meet Kathy Voss:
Kathy, Senior Director Of Operations at CWT, has over 17 years’ experience in perfecting service – the last 11 years with CWT. Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is her favorite location for travel. She has a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt earned for a commission linked project. 

kathy voss

The full team of over 300 employees, came together under Kathy’s leadership in early 2021. Kathy is passionate about process improvement; in the past she helped her team achieve 5-star operational excellence, which can only be achieved with huge discipline.

Prevent unused tickets going to waste

Hundreds of thousands of airline tickets went unused, as travel more or less stopped with the first pandemic lockdowns early 2020. Airlines, travel companies and clients were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of travel cancellations and amendments. Seeing an opportunity to make it easy to use the relating travel credit or unused tickets, Kathy’s team recently reviewed and made available over 575,000 unused tickets in our unused ticket management tool, so that when travel picks up, the ticket value can be realized against a new booking.

Here are 5 tips on managing unused tickets

Value unlocked by our behind the scenes shared services team

Picture shared services as the airport operations teams. The unsung heroes that largely go uncredited but without which your journey wouldn’t be possible. Without the runway conductor, the luggage handlers, caterers and airside response teams, traveling would be chaotic maybe even impossible.

Shared services work behind the scenes to help your corporate travel program run smoothly. Processing of tickets can be held up by unforeseen issues such as airline schedule changes, reporting field quality assurance, credit card reconciliation, and refund requests. It’s the service teams' job to work through these before they become a problem. In doing so they look for ways to automate non-frontline work, such as the newly implemented name change exchange automation across the US.

Learn from CWT

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