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Technology innovation improves customer experience

Innovative solutions to improve the experience your employees have of booking and taking a business trip are important to achieving your travel program goals.

The right solutions help with:

  • Improving engagement with your program
  • Delivering ongoing return on investment
  • Protecting your employees as they travel
  • Providing a more tailored, individual experience 

In addition, today’s employees expect us to ‘know them, help them, value them.’ While respecting your company culture, travel program and objectives.

Song Park

Meet Song Park:
Song brings a wealth of experience having worked for more than 14 years in the hospitality industry before joining CWT. He’s responsible for our team of technology experts delivering the tools and services you and your employees use daily. His desire is to deliver relevant technology to solve real problems. Making solutions convenient and efficient, qualities often overlooked. Ultimately, he is focused on technology making the world a better place.

Song lives in Connecticut, having studied computer science and economics at Penn State University. Others say of him ‘Song is a bright, capable and effective leader.’ Although he’s far too modest to comment. He speaks Korean and loves to travel with his family. He believes new cultural moments are important to create memorable, meaningful experiences that help shape your life.

Better refinement and alignment of accommodation options

Our recently awarded patent, our ninth, is proof that we’re innovating to meet both your goals and those of your employees. The patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) is for better refinement and alignment of accommodation options to business trip parameters. Delivering a more refined experience that will engage your employees, while meeting hotel program goals.

Creating this patent is one small example of the role our technology innovators play in developing new travel solutions. Their focus is on finding unique opportunities to delight travelers with a refined experience for their business travel needs.

Read the press release

The right information at the right time

Another example of our innovation is the provision of the right information at the right time and place for a more informed experience. Such as helping to reduce the effort to identify often varied and confusing guidelines for travel during the pandemic. Building this information into the booking process on our myCWT web and mobile tools reduces the steps a traveler would otherwise have to take in order to be informed. As flights are selected, relevant travel guidelines and restrictions will appear.

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We’re also working on the service experience when talking with our counselors. As your employee contacts us by email, phone or messaging, our counselors have a 360 degree view that helps to anticipate how we can help. Including travel preferences, previous trip history, current trip and more, our counselors are prompted with information that demonstrates we know your traveler, we value them and we help.

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