Travel Management Consulting

Corporate travel management consulting to improve decision-making and drive savings.


Getting the most out of your corporate travel program

What gets us out of bed in the morning? Tracking down the data and insights that give organizations the information they need to make smarter decisions and achieve more efficient travel programs.

You don’t have to make CWT your travel management company to benefit from our industry-leading expertise and world-class products and services.

Our corporate travel management consultants can help you see exactly how your travel and expense budget is being spent in order to identify and overcome any challenge. Speak to our consultancy team today and start your journey towards better business decisions.


Let our consultants reduce your corporate travel spend

The travel management consultancy offered through our CWT Solutions Group  empowers you to maximize the value you get from your corporate travel budget, delivering an average return of $13 for every $1 spent.

By analyzing your processes and benchmarking your spend, we’ll give you actions and advice to make your program more cost-efficient – as well as identifying time savings that will free up resource that can be focused on supporting your organization in other ways.

Whether you need more visibility over your outgoings, or greater support managing your expenses, our travel management consultancy will help you find your challenge and overcome it.

And rest assured, we’ll do it in a way that supports your business objectives and looks after your business travelers’ needs – every step of the way.

What our consultancy includes

With our global reach, industry expertise and innovative travel management software, we’ll help you take control of your corporate travel costs and give you the insights you need to make better budget decisions going forward.

  • Data & Insights – deliver cutting-edge analysis and insights that result in better decision-making
  • Travel Spend Review – comprehensively assess your travel patterns and compare your performance against your corporate travel objectives, policy and supplier contracts
  • Corporate Travel Policy – work with you to create a robust program that supports your employees and makes your business more efficient
  • Industry Benchmarking – measure your travel patterns against your travel program objectives and the performance of your peers
  • Supplier Management – negotiate with leading global suppliers to secure the best rates on airfares, hotels and ground transportation
  • Traveler Engagement – provide insights to ensure your business travelers stay safe, connected and productive on the move

Data insights that drive performance

Data holds the key to unlocking the insights that will allow you to meet your business goals. Our specialist team is the best in the industry, with data scientists who build the platforms and algorithms needed to mine and analyze your data.

Our dedicated business insight consultants take these data insights to bring you clear, actionable analysis that will deliver the results you need.

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Save more on your next trip with
CWT Travel Consolidator

When it comes to measuring how your organization is performing against your corporate travel program, big data brings big challenges.

To see the full picture of your travel spending, you need to uncover hidden costs, identify saving opportunities, and improve policy compliance. This is where CWT Travel Consolidator comes in.

It provides full visibility and control over your entire budget – including credit card transactions, ancillary costs and trip expenses. CWT Travel Consolidator doesn’t just group this data in a logical way – it makes sense of it for you by offering clear insights and recommended actions through customized budget reports.

With such a holistic overview of your corporate travel program and budget, you can develop a proactive, strategic approach to travel planning. You will gain new insight into how you’re performing against KPI trends and be equipped to action key savings areas.

With CWT Travel Consolidator you can influence product development, add value and innovation to your travel program, and benefit from clear insights based on relevant data. It’ll help you identify areas for further savings to help inform a better strategic approach for your business, your travelers and your suppliers.

Supplier management solved

Are you really getting the best deal for your business? We’ll make sure of it by looking at every aspect of your current supplier relationships.

We will clarify your objectives, analyze current spending and traveler needs, and benchmark it against peers to make tailored recommendations that are right for your company.

We will help you select the right suppliers, develop RFPs and negotiate the best contracts for your company. We don’t stop once the contracts are signed, either. We’ll monitor your suppliers’ performance to ensure they keep delivering.   

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Better employee engagement

You may have a corporate travel policy in place, but if your employees aren’t following it then it can easily lead to overspending, lower satisfaction rates and compromised traveler safety.

We will analyze the behavior of your employees, engage with them in a way that works for them and help them to understand the financial implications of the decisions they make in order to boost compliance and deliver greater savings.


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Our successful customers

Our industry-leading expertise and innovative technology helps drive efficiencies in corporate travel programs worldwide. Here are some of the recent results we’ve delivered for a wide range of organizations:

  • Boosted data accuracy from 85% to 98% for a world-leading marketing communications firm, empowering it to improve its negotiations with suppliers
  • Identified over $30m worth of savings in airfares and hotel costs for a worldwide energy company, as well as improving traveler compliance
  • Improved understanding of business traveler needs through targeted communication, and identified $500,000 savings for a manufacturing firm
  • Implemented robust booking processes and identified $28m savings for an international non-profit organization

Try our corporate travel management solutions

If you feel your organization would benefit most by working with us across your end-to-end corporate travel management, our world-class corporate travel services can save you time, money and stress. We will help you to implement robust processes within a program that’s customized to the needs of your employees, business and wider industry.

We can negotiate preferential rates on airfares, hotels and ground transportation, while our innovative CWT AnalytIQs software gives you full visibility of all your travel arrangements – including trip and non-trip expenses – helping you make informed real-time decisions. Keeping your travelers organized and productive on the move is made easy thanks to our highly-rated CWT To Go™ app.

Get the insights that matter by talking to one of our expert corporate travel consultants today.

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