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CWT and BTN whitepaper: Emerging technologies in corporate travel

  • The technologies that will have the greatest impact on corporate travel in the next 2-5 years
  • How these emerging technologies are poised to control costs, enhance service and security, and boost efficiency
  • The critical challenges, opportunities, risks and roadblocks each innovation raises
  • What travel managers, buyers and experts anticipate from these innovations 

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Keeping employees connected, engaged and on the move.

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Discover and improve the true ROI of travel and events.

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Driving new value. Adapting to industry change and innovation.

Keep employees moving

Give employees the tools and services to keep them moving and productive with myCWT. Delivering a seamless interaction across web, mobile or through our expert travel consultants. It's all about convenience and giving them the best booking experience.

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Unleash your data

Imagine a world where travel data isn't just a jumble of numbers, but a goldmine of insights waiting to be unearthed. Transform your data into game-changing strategies for your travel program. No more confusion, just actionable insights at your fingertips.

Companies, governments and institutions across the globe trust us.


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Tailored solutions for your industry

Not all business travel is the same; some industries have truly unique requirements that demand specially trained teams to look after their travelers.

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Life sciences and pharmaceuticals

High-touch travel and meetings solutions for healthcare professionals and patients in these complex, regulated industries.

More on pharma & medical travel

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Media, entertainment and sports

From moving film crews to television equipment, news teams and sports squads. We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in the business.

More on media and sports travel

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Energy, resources and marine

Getting people to remote parts of the world can be complex. We specialize in all aspects of rotating workers, crew travel and personnel travel.

More on energy industries travel

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Sustainable business travel

Through integrated sustainability data, tools, and solutions, we empower responsible travel choices that align with your sustainability goals.

See our initiatives

Managing risk

You have a legal and ethical responsibility to care for travelers and reduce risk for your company. We can help keep both your employees and their data safe, while predicting and managing safety and security concerns.

See more on safety & security

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Delivering ROI

Empowered by robust data analytics tools and supplier management expertise, we enable you to drive tangible ROI from your travel program.

Find out how

Meetings & Events

Whether you want to wow your audiences, create buzz around a new product or reward your teams for their successes, we are ready to help you re-ignite the human connection and take your people to discover new places. From live, hybrid and virtual events we’re bringing people together.

Discover CWT Meetings & Events

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What travel managers are saying...

"CWT has demonstrated that it has the right technology and expertise to not only help us manage costs but ensure that our employees are well taken care of, especially when their trips are disrupted."

Erica Withaar - Travel & Expenses Supervisor | Embraer


"We found in CWT a partner with whom we transformed the travel category at Mercado Libre."

Santiago Perrone - Procurement Senior Manager | Mercado Libre


"CWT’s product innovations, deep knowledge of mobility travel, strong sustainability solutions, along with service excellence and flexible business models are some of the reasons why we entrust CWT with our global travel program."

Ryan T. Agee - VP of Open Innovation | Altair Global

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