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CWT AnswerIQ

The data reporting tool to simplify data analysis.

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Why not try CWT AnswerIQ for free?

  •  Ditch the time-consuming searches
  •  Empower your organization with facts – quickly
  •  Spend more time driving action
  •  Personalize your dashboards to display what matters to you

Your 60 day free trial will give you time to explore and see for yourself the benefits of this new tool, that is available now. There is no commitment necessary to start your company’s free trial, if you choose not to purchase this product the free trial automatically cancels after 60 days.

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  • Simple search bar for fast data access

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered search capabilities

  • Personalized display options

  • Fast decision making through sharing and collaboration

  • No installation required

Why you will love CWT AnswerIQ :

  • Easy to learn; easy to use
  • Frees up time from time-consuming searches
  • Empowers the organization with AI-assisted search technology
  • Gives you full visibility of 3 years of up-to-date data with frequent updates
  • Enables more productive and impactful program management
  • Helps drive data led decision making and action that lowers cost


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Intuitive search function. Internet-style search bar makes accessing data quick, flexible, and fast – similar to searching the internet.

Artificial Intelligence. Designed to learn, develop and improve its search capabilities, getting smarter and more personalized through use.

Quick reporting. Powerful search engine answers your queries faster than ever. Data is updated every six hours to ensure your reports are always up-to-date. Produce dozens of answers in the time it normally takes to do one.

Multiple visualizations. Select from a variety of options to find the display that best suit your needs; the optimal display view is automatically identified for you.

Tailored dashboards. Design, create and share your own pinboards and save in your own work area so that you can produce the same custom dashboards whenever you like.

Seamless collaboration. Share Answers and collaborate on analysis with your team to communicate insights and make decisions.

Easy set up. ‘Switch on’ through CWT AnalytIQs. No installation required.