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CWT Itinerary

According to the General Conditions of Carriage issued by airlines, coupons may only be utilized in chronological and destination order. Should the client request any deviation in terms of chronological and/or destination sequence following the booking and after the ticket has been issued, this carries the risk of a subsequent charge by the relevant airlines as well as the cancellation without replacement of the remaining flights booked. Additionally all flight coupons must be used completely without any interruptions. CWT will not absorb any costs incurred in this regard. CWT will invoice the client for any possible subsequent charges as well as its handling fees.

Please consider the entry, visa and health regulations for your destination taking any transfer points into account. Please have your valid identification documents during the entire journey with you. You´ll get additional information on CWT assists you with visa procurement. Please contact your local service team.

Important notice

The itinerary receipt constitutes the “Passenger ticket” for the purposes of article 3 of the Warsaw convention. Except where the carrier delivers another document to the passenger complying with the requirements of article 3.

For this air travel the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention may be applicable and these conventions limit the liability of carriers in respect of loss of or damage to baggage. In the case of death or personal injury no financial limits apply under the Montreal Convention and for European Community carriers.