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Control the controllable

Steps to turn uncertainties into opportunities 

Many factors are going to create uncertainties within business travel next year. Despite these, you still need to deliver ROI in your travel program, so start building on what you can control and find ways to manage what you can't. Download a copy and keep this checklist handy.

1. Control your travel spend

Program boost: Take advantage of price fluctuations. For example, CWT’s price optimization service automatically rebooks air and hotel reservations at lower prices. You gain measurable ROI that incorporates cost savings, plus increased employee engagement and productivity.

Looking ahead: Advanced booking should continue to be recommended to secure the best rates and fares. Booking online will also keep costs down. 

The power of negotiation
: Have a clear focus on the negotiation process with your suppliers. CWT’s sourcing experts can help you get the best deals across all areas of your travel program by applying dynamic strategies. Plus, RoomIt’s specialized hotel content can help you save up to 1.6% of total travel spend. 

"Benchmark against other buyers - particularly in your sector. Industry bodies provide excellent vehicles for coming together with other buyers across sectors. Do you know your counterpart buyers at your direct sector peers? It's normally ok to discuss generic approaches with fellow travel buyers." 

Chris Pouney, Founder, Director, Severnside Consulting

2. Increase compliance

Make it easier: Use targeted emails and text messages for more effective employee communications on compliance. You can educate, influence actions, and provide positive feedback for desired behaviors from your employees.

Offer choice: Take a leaf from your investment advisor's book and diversify. Not all of your rates need to come from preferred programs or the GDS. Offering travelers sufficient choice, such as ride-hailing and alternative accommodation providers will help to increase compliance. 

Permanent inspections:
 Record and track employee satisfaction for all areas of the travel experience so you can identify and deal with any service issues with suppliers. 

"Providing employees with digitally connected tools will help them focus on their job in hand throughout the life cycle of their trip and not the mechanics of travel. In doing so it will support successes against travel program objectives such as employee engagement and policy compliance." 

Priti Raghav, Director, Product & Services Marketing APAC, CWT

3. Be smart with data

Price check: Capture the total cost of each trip from end-to-end, and use this data to identify ways of offsetting any price increases. This can also be helpful with your supplier negotiations.

On the radar: Ensure you have an accurate view and understanding of your program so you can react quickly to any sudden challenges or changes in market conditions. 

Clear skies: Data is wasted if you can’t use it better to understand your travel program. Using our business intelligence platform helps transform your data into clear insights. 

"Travel is seen as a cost centre but it should be seen as a revenue generator or a profit centre - it’s an enabler. Although the industry has not previously been able to make this case about ROI in a compelling way, we can do that now with the data... You have to think about how employees can operate."

Elis Kodra, Director, Solutions Group APAC, CWT

4. Travelers first

Be informed: Use automated alerts to keep your traveling employees up to date on disruptions, including information on how to act in certain situations. 

Boost employee satisfaction: Simplify the traveler experience by enabling easy and consistent access to all travel services and tools via their preferred channels. Personalize offers to improve their experience. 

Guardian angle: When things go wrong you need someone to help – no matter what the time (zone) is. CWT can assist your travelers 24 hours, 7 days a week. This helps you 'control the controllable'. 

"Responsibility for your traveler’s wellbeing can’t just sit within travel. It’s about engaging the whole  organization to ensure your culture is spot on and approach is aligned so you can empower your employee to make the right choice that works for them and your business.”

Jo McQuade, Travel Manager, npower Ltd.