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Success Stories


The secret to changing traveller behaviour

15% savings through targeted traveller communications

A manufacturing company was seeking to reduce travel costs by 10%. However, they did not want to implement a blanket travel freeze to achieve savings, and were keen to find alternatives that would not impact their day-to-day activities and long-term business strategy.

Find out how we were able to achieve more than their target savings with no imposed reductions to their business travel. 

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Creating greater efficiencies by reducing traveller and client pain points

A global medical technology client was facing challenges with their finance processes. Travellers were making endless requests for invoices, and the finance team spent a lot of time assisting and following up on their requests. This eventually led to frustrations around the process and a delay in reconciliation.

Find out how we managed to decrease requests by 95% by improving the efficiencies on this task. 

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Introducing a new caller delivery workflow with minimal changes to the existing process

Turning the dial on travel program savings 

A long-standing CWT client had been operating under a multi-service center globally, including nine markets in Asia Pacific. The client only had two direct booking channels: the online booking tool and telephone.

This meant that the telephone was an extremely important service, especially when an overseas traveller needed help with their booking. However, it also resulted in large bills as it meant that employees were making international calls while they were travelling. 

Find out how we introduced a new caller workflow with minimal impact to employees.

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Delivering a best practice digital travel program in 18 months  

A global engineering company, wanted to shift their travel program from the traditional, manual process of calls and emails, to a digital program utilising advanced tools and technology. The goal? To reduce fees and increase employee productivity. 

However, the leaders were doubtful about their organisation’s ability to transform to digital practices due to a historical reluctance and resistance to change. 

Find out how we overcame these challenges to achieve a behavioural change from within the organisation. 

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