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Want business travellers to stop booking hotels outside of your travel program? Give them access to a range of accommodation, competitive rates, exclusive amenities and incentives. Employees like options, so give them what they want.

CWT’s hotel offering, powered by RoomIt, helps your travellers easily find, book and stay at hotels they will love, driving the results you need.

We keep your employees travelling

Keep your company growing

Using our personalised results, your business travellers spend less time searching for hotels and more time getting down to business. Our offering is consistent across all our channels - online, offline and on mobile - so travellers can seamlessly find the accommodation they need.

Book the right hotel for business travel 

Take away their last excuse to book elsewhere

Giving travellers more choice will ensure they make the right choice. Our array of accommodation from large chains to independent hoteliers - as well as an option for apartments - makes it easy for travellers to book the right room right now. We’ll give them access to competitive rates, including your own negotiated rates and specially negotiated RoomIt Rates too. Since we meet or beat the best rate 95 percent of the time, it’s unlikely your employees will find a better rate elsewhere.

How do we know? RateGain, a third-party firm, compared our rates throughout 2016 and 2017 at 8,000 properties, which were contracted by CWT and rotated monthly, with those from three global hotel distribution companies. The monthly pricing audits examined the rates of refundable single occupancy rooms with Tuesday and Wednesday check-ins that were two weeks apart.

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Great rates, points and experience

A win for everyone

Watch the savings add up as you draw travellers back to your hotel program and increase online adoption. We also can automatically rebook lower hotel rates if they become available, saving you even more.

The savings don’t stop there. As employee productivity and satisfaction grows, so will yours. You will spend less time worrying about compliance and more time building a strategic travel program with real-time insights into travel behaviour and spending. Everyone can be happy about something!

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