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Managing risk

Care for travelling employees, protect your business

More care. Less risk. One solution.

Get peace of mind 24/7

CWT helps you meet your legal and ethical obligations to care for your employees and reduce risk for your company. We’ll help you keep your employees and their data safe, stay compliant with applicable laws, and predict and manage safety and security concerns like a professional.

Safety & security for business travel

These safety & security resources help you predict and plan for what may lie ahead and to raise the bar on traveler care.

More Safety & Security

Help your employees avoid travel problems

Raise the bar on employee care

Your employees are your responsibility, so a top priority of your corporate travel program must be safeguarding their welfare. CWT gives you access to critical tools, information and services that help you:

  • Stay informed about incidents that may affect travel, increase your organisation’s exposure to risk, or jeopardise your employees’ health, safety or security.
  • Locate and support your employees quickly in an emergency.
  • Take further action to enhance employee care and mitigate risk.

Take care of your employees and their information

We're serious about data security

Looking after your employees’ well-being is a critical component of travel risk management (TRM), but it’s only part of the picture. TRM needs to include keeping their personal information safe too. At CWT, data security helps shield unauthorised access while allowing data to flow smoothly through our systems, and our global cybersecurity team is ready to manage any threats 24/7. The architecture, design and support of our operations and systems reflect how information security permeates our company culture. So does our security awareness and compliance program, which focuses on protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. What’s more, we annually revise our risk, security policy and standards framework to address technology enhancements, emerging threats, data protection law updates, and other law or regulation changes.

Travel with pride

CWT is working with International SOS to provide travelers with extra support when on business, especially for those who associate themselves with the LGBTQ+ community. To ensure we provide the right support, we have implemented contingency plans to plan ahead of emergencies, ensuring we mitigate any risks. Including emergency support where required. As always, CWT welcomes people from all backgrounds, and we will continue to support traveling employees wherever possible. International SOS has also provided six steps to support your LGBTQ+ employees who travel for business.

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How CWT helps business travel 

Predict and plan for what may lie ahead

CWT helps you and your employees manage or avoid potentially dangerous or unproductive situations that may arise during travel. You get vital information that helps you predict, identify and monitor potential threats to the health, safety and security of your traveling employees. Your employees receive relevant, itinerary-based alerts via our traveler portal. Online advisories and your guidance empower employees to make proactive, informed decisions before they go.

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