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Business traveller services

Providing an easy, friendly and personalised traveller experience.

People are the heart of our business traveller services

Your people are going to love ours

Every company says it has the best people. You should meet ours. Our people are at the heart of our business traveller services, well-trained professionals in the travel industry. And of course, they’re friendly too!

CWT’s travel counsellors go beyond simply making reservations to take a consultative approach to service that helps solve your business travellers’ problems. Each of our travel counsellors is committed and empowered to get the job done and take care of your employees’ needs, whether they are taking a phone reservation or assisting with an online booking.

Our staff members behind the scenes are just as passionate and committed to supporting amazing traveller service as those on the front line. Moreover, our quality assurance processes and customer service culture help us continually meet your company’s evolving travel management needs and satisfy your employees.

Providing global consistency while addressing local nuances

CWT’s global traveller services team helps you manage your travel program across geographies, no matter how complex. When we established a truly global traveller services organisation more than a decade ago, we blazed a trail that others could only follow. With a proven track record of success in all regions, you and your employees benefit from our experience implementing and providing business traveller services for companies of nearly all sizes and locations.

Our organisational structure and leadership support global consistency in operations, service delivery and processes so that your employees receive high-quality service and information, no matter how they interact with us—online, offline or on mobile. Our knowledge of local nuances and geography enhance our ability to look after your employees locally, supporting them through multilingual business traveller service, market leadership, and regional expertise and resources.

Business traveller services help save the day 24/7

With flexible service configuration options, you can maximise your travel program’s performance while giving your employees access to CWT travel counsellors. Our wholly owned 24-hour service network can provide your travellers and travel arrangers with the service they need on weekends, on holidays or after hours—even when it isn’t an emergency. Our 24/7 business traveller services team supports local language and content needs to help you keep your employees happy.


Traveller services technology delivers personalisation, facilitates accuracy

CWT’s technology facilitates reliable, precise traveller service while delivering personalisation, data accuracy, streamlined processes and more. Deployed in all regions, our traveller service technology tools provide seamless integration—from caller recognition and traveller profiles through travel policy, booking and ticketing—to enhance the traveller experience.

A single, configurable global database helps ensure immediate and simultaneous deployment of any travel policy changes. The database also powers CWT’s proprietary counsellor desktop enabling our travel counsellors to capture all required information and follow your travel policy. Travel policy integration at point of sale helps your employees stay compliant, and helping your company save money. Our traveller services technology also gives our counsellors valuable, integrated content applicable to your program and drives workflow accuracy.

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