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Delivering a best practice digital travel program in 18 months

Case study

Shifting a workforce that is used to traditional processes to a digital program 

Delivering a best practice digital travel program in 18 months  

Fast facts

One of our clients, a global engineering company, wanted to shift their travel program from the traditional, manual process of calls and emails, to a digital program utilising advanced tools and technology. The goal? To reduce fees and increase employee productivity. 

However, the senior leaders held significant doubt about their organisation’s ability to transform to digital practices due to a historical reluctance and resistance to change. 

The Solution

Together with our client, we worked to identify advocates for the new policy, and drove the initiative through them to the wider audience. With the right people engaged from within the business, including senior management and key travel arrangers, benefits such as increased productivity, "visual guilt" and reduced fees helped drive the change. 

We implemented two training initiatives to improve engagement and buy-in from key stakeholders.

Digital program

Firstly, we held on-site executive assistant training sessions and internal messaging. Using our client’s intranet site, we ensured that there was one consistent source of information to communicate the benefits of moving to digital practices across the different business units. They include video demonstrations of CWT’s mobile app and mobile hotel bookings. 

Secondly, we invited all leaders to download the mobile app and delivered training sessions to educate them on the tool. This top-down user approach helped to drive adoption through word-of-mouth and generate excitement and momentum as users experienced the benefits first-hand.

The Results

Usage of the Online Booking Tool increased from 50% to 88% in a short span of 18 months.

The drive for mobile adoption also saw the number of hotel bookings via CWT’s mobile app increase to 32% -- the highest mobile hotel booking rate of any client in CWT in Australia at the time. 

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