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Reinventing the business of travel


Earlier this year, CWT India organized an exclusive event in collaboration with Sabre, Mastercard and Conferma Pay. Ignite, a conference held in both Gurgaon and Bengaluru, set the stage for ‘reinventing the business of travel’ by bringing partners together in intimate sessions to brainstorm and collaborate on solutions for the future of the business travel industry. 

With a focus on ideation – futuristic and solutions-oriented, Ignite was interactive and hands-on, as our clients and partners worked together on concepts that are important for business travel. The topics included designing a dream travel program, as well as how the travel industry viewed the next evolution of the booking platform.

True to its name, Ignite has been an exciting start and proof that our partners are eager to come together to bring the travel industry to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled for more to follow in the coming few months!

Read what some participants said about the event:

Darren Blair

General Manager, Asia Pacific, Conferma Pay

"The event is fantastically well-attended, with lots of collaboration and discussion between corporates. We’ve learnt a lot from the industry, thanks to this event!”

Geetha Arekal

Head, Mobility Services Supply Chain Management, Siemens

"I'm a tech person and so that's my area of interest. I especially enjoyed hearing the other participants' thoughts and views on technology, and loved the sharing mindset in the room.”

Jasminder S Brishan

Senior Manager, Ocwen Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

"The agenda was well thought-out and forward-thinking. I especially enjoyed the session on payment modules and learning about the latest in technology and AI.”

Atul Monga

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Conferma Pay

"The event had a great turn out, but what was even better was the high level of engagement from the participants. In a country where one expects labour to come cheap, it is heartening to know that the industry is keen to learn about the latest in technology and what it can do to propel us into the future.”

Siddharth Choudhary

Director, Specialist Sales,

"There was great participation and turnout from all corporates at both locations, and the kind of questions that were asked in the event were very relevant to our product proposition.”

Amarnath Lal Das

GU, Country Travel Manager,
Accenture Services

"This event is very different from the usual conference, and what really set it apart is that it gave us a platform to share ideas that will help to shape what the future looks like for the travel industry.”