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Business Travel Management

Deliver more for your employees and your business

Managing a business travel program can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. When you work with CWT, one of the world’s leading travel management companies, we make it easy for you to deliver valuable employee travel services to help you get the job done right.


Keep your workforce focused

Your travellers are employees first. You need to keep them safe, engaged and productive with travel services that work for them and your organisation. CWT has a wide array of business travel services available to help keep your workforce focused on your business goals.


Unique Solutions

Not all business travel is the same; some industries have truly unique requirements that demand specially-trained teams to look after their travellers.

At CWT, we understand that managing travel in industries such as energy, resources and marine, life sciences, or media and entertainment can be extremely challenging and you have to work with a TMC you trust.

We have the experience you need and our people have the skills that matter.

Explore unique solutions

Keep employees moving

Give your employees booking tools and travel services that keep them moving and productive even during inevitable disruptions. CWT can help make their travels easier with digital touchpoints and a great experience.

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Staying overnight

When your employees stay overnight on a trip, you need them to get a business-quality hotel room at the best price. CWT’s hotel offering, powered by RoomIt helps deliver all this and amazing content and rates you can’t find anywhere else.


Managing risk

CWT can help you meet your legal and ethical responsibility to care for travellers and also help reduce risk for your company. We know you need to keep both your employees and their data safe, while predicting and managing safety and security concerns like a pro.


It’s what CWT does every day for our clients

Delivering ROI

We can help your travel management efforts deliver real ROI. Using powerful tools we can help you crunch complex data, and with supplier management expertise we can help you design and negotiate an effective travel management program.


Drive action and innovation

Take travel management to the next level with innovations and insights helping you track trends, adapt to industry changes, and take action.


Get started with CWT

Changing your travel management company doesn’t have to be hard. CWT will help you design a program that fits your employees’ needs and stand with you to drive adoption of it. We’ll also deliver key metrics and reports to help you show your organisation you made the right choice.


Our unique travel solutions

Energy, resources and marine travel

Getting people to remote parts of the world can be complex. Whatever your business–oil and gas to mining; marine to renewable energies–we’re here to help handle your travel needs. Since 1980, we have delivered our clients efficient, safe and connected travel programs using the global power of CWT and our local knowledge in locations around the world.

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Life sciences and pharma travel

A complex and highly-regulated industry, life sciences is one that demands a high-touch and tailored travel program for health care professionals and people traveling to participate in medical trials. CWT has been trusted with pharma, biotech and biomedical companies over the past 30 years. 

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Media, entertainment and sports travel

Need to move film crews, television equipment, news teams, or sports squads? No problem! Dedicated and highly specialist teams provide confidential and secure travel services, including white-glove VIP service, 24 hours a day.

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