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Empowering people, expanding technology

Imagine the possibilities

Expand your travel management potential with technology that works as hard as you do. Our award-winning travel technology helps your business travel program work seamlessly and efficiently for your employees.

Travel made easier at home and abroad

Discover myCWT

Our consolidated travel platform, called myCWT, helps make your employees’ lives simpler. Whether they’re booking travel online, on mobile or through one of our dedicated travel consultants, all of the details of their travel arrangements will be accessible via every channel.

Discover myCWT

Technology to support your travelers anytime, anywhere

Chat with a CWT Counselor

CWT offers your employees a familiar chat-style messaging service. Using the myCWT website, app or an approved third-party messaging tool, your employees can conveniently reach a CWT counselor 24/7 for all their travel-related needs.

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Are you an SME?

CWT For You

To better serve the rapidly growing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India, we developed a specialized product, CWT For You, just for SMEs. This means that you can enjoy the benefits that larger corporates have, including increased savings, more control over your travel spend, and a better business travel experience.

Discover CWT For You


Technology keeps track of what’s important

Better insights with real-time data

Tired of long data lag times? Delays can prevent you from making changes that count and affect your company’s bottom line. CWT AnalytIQs, our business intelligence and reporting tool, gives you your data in real time, showing you exactly what you need to know and when you need to know it. Our easy-to-use interface helps you quickly access the information you need to manage your business travel program.

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Enriching the traveler experience

Communicate effectively

You need to communicate well to educate and inform travellers if you want to influence behavior change and reinforce good decision-making. Using our proprietary technology, you can automate messages that enrich your travellers’ experiences, giving them timely information that’s customizable to your company’s culture and style. Better yet, companies that use our service see average savings of 4 to 7% in the first year!

CWT Program Messenger

The Evolution of Travel Technology

Our video series explores our vision for the future of travel and CWT’s role in the developments to come.




Sustainability in travel isn’t an oxymoron – it is achievable and is underway right now. Carbon budgets, technology innovation and disruptors such electric and autonomous vehicles, hybrid and virtual meetings, all leading to more purposeful travel.


The Metaverse

The evolution of technology is happening all around us at breakneck speed. It is what we relied on when travel wasn’t possible and what we used to ‘meet’ albeit interactively.

But what next? How will the virtual world affect how we travel and meet? From immersive booking experiences to actually feeling like you’re in the room with people, the Metaverse opens up a world of possibility. 




Hyper-individualization is all about delivering the best possible experience for you through technology. Personalized experiences, better performance, and more all supported by data and innovative technology. 






Will gates and security checks soon be a thing of the past? The introduction of biometrics as part of the travel experience could mean exactly that.





Voice Activation

In business travel, we’re already seeing voice activation employed by some hotels, allowing guests to easily control heating, lighting and other environmental preferences in their rooms. At CWT we believe these are significant steps toward more widescale adoption of voice activation across our industry.

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