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Business Travel Agency

Our corporate travel agents save you time, money and stress.

Making the most of your business travel

With decades of experience backed by industry-leading technology, we provide world-class corporate travel management. But what really makes us stand out from the crowd is our team of business travel agents – trusted experts who make your life easier and provide complete peace of mind.

From finding the best hotel and airfare options to sharing local tips and savings on the road, our dedicated agents offer an unparalleled level of service that’s unique to you and your corporate travel needs.

Who are we and what do we do?

At CWT our priority is to make your corporate travel more efficient, deliver maximum savings for your company and ensure you meet your business objectives – both now and over the long-term:

We make travel easy for your employees

  • Easy bookings via mobile, online or phone
  • One source to get the best prices on air and train travel, car rental and hotel accommodation
  • Consistent, high-quality service in more than 150 countries around the world
  • Best hotel rates guaranteed
  • Highest-rated mobile travel app of any travel management company or third-party

We save your company money

  • Bottom-line savings on your company’s actual travel costs
  • Sharable reports and metrics via our award-winning business intelligence tool
  • Negotiate smarter with suppliers
  • Showcase your value to your company

We do data better

  • Our team of data scientists works to deliver new insights and saving opportunities from your data
  • We look at your company’s specific travel needs to personalise improvement recommendations that make the most sense for you
  • Our standard traveler tracking service helps you find travelers at risk 24/7

Why you should choose us as your corporate travel agency

We work with global organisations to implement customised travel management programs and services in 150 countries worldwide – and our industry-leading travel support can save you money, time and stress. Team up with us and you’ll access to a wide range of benefits:

Travel policy compliance

We’ll work with you to develop a corporate travel policy that’s the right fit for your business, employees and industry. All bookings are limited to your preferences to maximize compliance.

Global supplier preferential rates

Choose from a wide range of hotel, flight and car rental providers at the best prices thanks to our competitive travel and accommodation rates. We can also help you negotiate regular discounts from hotels you visit frequently.

24/7 dedicated assistance

Our friendly business travel agents are on hand 24/7 – so if your travelers ever need help, we’ll be there to take care of them. You can count on our services, people and products to help your employees stay connected and productive on the road.

Travel reporting

As your dedicated business travel agency, we’ll give you the facilities, software and advice you need to generate travel management reports and identify long-term savings. With all your data and insights easily accessed in one integrated system, we make it easy for you to compare and benchmark performance, and highlight areas of success and improvement.

CWT AnalytIQs software

Our flagship CWT AnalytIQs software gathers all your expense and credit card data in one place, giving you full visibility of all your travel arrangements – and the insights to make effective budget decisions. With CWT AnalytIQs you have more power than ever to benchmark your spending, monitor your travelers and save money with every trip.

Traveler services

Whether they’re facing a difficult disruption or making a regular request, our range of traveler services ensures your employees have whatever they need. We lead the way in providing world-class traveler services that help employees stay safe, connected and productive during their trip. Our tools and business travel agents can keep you more in control and your travel expenditure down.

CWT To Go™

Our free CWT To Go™ app is the highest-rated mobile travel app of any travel management company or third-party. It lets business travelers make hotel bookings and view schedules anytime. They can sync their travel schedules with their work calendars and get important travel information when they need it – giving them more time to get on with the purposes of their trip.

Travel risk management

From severe weather to political unrest, your employees could face a number of risks when they’re traveling – and their safety and security is our number one concern. Working with International SOS, the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, we’ll help you keep your travelers safe on the road at all times.

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