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Empowering you to make long-term savings through effective business travel reporting.


CustomiSed reports for your business

To make the most of your corporate travel budget, it’s essential to carry out effective travel reporting. How much money could you save on airfares with a different provider? Could your travellers be spending less on meals?

Every organisation has a different way of making business travel efficiencies – and that’s where our cutting-edge data analysis and insights can make a massive impact. With all your real-time expenses and credit card data easily accessed in the same place, it’s never been simpler to carry out effective business travel reporting that identifies opportunities for long-term savings that will give you the edge.

Measure travel policy compliance

For the most part, business travellers want to do what’s right for their company – and many businesses we work with find that giving employees control over their own spend can actually reduce overspending.

Sometimes, however, you might need to keep a close eye on compliance. With CWT AnalytIQs, you can monitor what’s being spent when, and by who, in real-time – so you can deal with any non-compliance issues right away.

Detailed reports on travel expenditure

Our innovative CWT AnalytIQs software is your key to effective business travel reporting. Gathering all your expense and credit card data in one place, it gives you full visibility of all your travel arrangements. Along with high-quality insights, we’ll also send you recommended actions based on how your corporate travel spending compares with the rest of our client base. With CWT AnalytIQs you have more power than ever to control your spending, monitor your travellers and save money on every trip.

Real time reporting

You’ll have full visibility of where your corporate travel spending is going, because you’ll be able to see how much you’re spending on items such as air travel, hotel accommodation and car rental – as well as credit card expenses – in one place, and in real time. Being able to access timely data will empower you to respond instantly to any incorrect bookings.

Visual reporting

When it comes to identifying savings and reporting on financial performance, all the details you need are right there in front of you. Not only can you use this real-time data to measure your spending but you can benchmark your performance against our other clients and create visual charts and graphs to track it.

We’ll also give you recommended actions to further improve efficiency. Plus, because you can easily compare things like the cost of booking airfares seven days in advance as opposed to 21, you can make informed, cost-effective decisions on the spot and then build them into your corporate travel policy.

Easy exporting

So you’ve written a financial report about your corporate travel spending – next you’ll want to share it with your stakeholders. CWT AnalytIQs makes that easy, too. Once you’ve accessed the data you need, and created visuals based on the savings you’ve identified, it’s simple to export your findings into a shareable format.

Spend breakdowns

While CWT AnalytIQs gives you an accurate real-time overview of your corporate travel spending, it also gives you a detailed analysis on specific areas of expenditure. You can:

  • See where you spend most of your corporate travel budget – for example, on airfares, hotels or car rental
  • Measure your spending against your budget targets, and benchmark your performance against your peers
  • Keep a close eye on the number of bookings being made in certain cities, countries or continents, and form a strategy based on this insight
  • Monitor your average airfares and spot potential savings by switching airlines
  • Quickly draw conclusions based on accurate, real-time insights
  • Make budget decisions based on our recommended actions

Monitor travel expenses

CWT AnalytIQs is your comprehensive solution to expenses management. Logging data from every type of expense claim – from the hotel dinner check to car rental at the airport – you’ll be able to see exactly what’s being spent where, when and by whom.

These insights, added to those around the cost of airfares and hotels, will give you a complete picture of your corporate travel spending – and will help you see every possible way you can make the maximum savings for your business.

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