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Savings, Compliance and Satisfaction



The Big 3

You want all three of these things. Who doesn’t? Safe and happy travellers.
Plus, savings and compliance. If only it were that easy.
But, maybe it can be.
At CWT, we offer a seamless, integrated hotel solution with you and your goals
at the heart of everything we do.

Step 1:

A clear strategy and sourcing plan

You don’t need to spend months negotiating hundreds of rates. We use your data to understand travellers trends and needs and local market information to help you identify where and when you should negotiate rates.

Outside of those key markets, you can count on our relevant and curated content. In addition, our CWT Business Rates offer up to 20% off the best available rate (BAR), and can include business-friendly amenities like WiFi, last room availability or other traveller perks. Our team of consultants negotiate for you and continuously monitor that your engagements deliver the savings you deserve.

Step 2:

Delivering the right experience

Your travellers are more than just travellers - they’re your employees. We make travel easier for them so they can accomplish their business goals. We offer a tailored approach to help your employees find and book in-policy rates. As your employee satisfaction increases, so too will your programme compliance.

We simplify travel for your employees in these four key ways:

1. Delivering a simple, seamless and consistent experience, no matter how we interact

2. Successfully blending people, services and technology

3. Facilitating enhanced communications

4. Helping your employees stay productive, engaged and well cared for

Step 3:

Valuable insights to continually improve your program

By pairing the latest technology with our knowledgeable teams, we can help streamline your data and analytical processes to drive your performance goals.

Our robust reporting will help you make the right decisions every day, with options ranging from our powerful business intelligence platform to pre-packaged detailed reports and data consolidation options. Seasoned client executives and consultants will help you monitor and gauge your hotel program performance versus goals, while offering sage advice to keep you moving forward. Spend less time reconciling data and more time building and refining your strategy.

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