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Turning the dial on travel program savings

Case study


Introducing a new caller delivery workflow with minimal changes to the existing process

Turning the dial on travel program savings 

Fast facts

A long-standing CWT client, a global professional services company, had been operating under a multi-service center operation globally, including nine markets in Asia Pacific serviced by a single service center. The client only provided two direct booking channels: the online booking tool and telephone. This meant that the phone was an extremely important service, especially when an overseas traveller needed help with their booking.

When a traveller is at their home port, they simply dial a local phone number that is automatically pushed to their multi-service center. The challenge arose when travellers required assistance whilst overseas. Travellers had to call the same number, an overseas phone number, to reach their central service center. These calls naturally incurred the associated international call charges.

As a result, the client was seeing increasing feedback from travellers on the additional cost of overseas calls.

The Solution

We needed a solution that required minimal disruption to the process so that travellers need not learn a new behaviour for their corporate travel.

Solution - Caller delivery

After identifying that their top travel destinations were all destinations already supported through other service centers, we were able to redesign a new global flow distribution that allowed travellers to connect to their multi-service center via their existing local in-country number of the country they were travelling to. This meant that they were able to utilise local calls instead of international ones when they were abroad, thus decreasing costs. 

Key factors to the new call distribution: 

  • Using each market's local CWT contact number 
  • Adding an enhanced call menu option to recognise international travellers 
  • Adapting the existing travel portal to include information on overseas call numbers 

Results - Savings

The Results

In just one month, a savings of US$4,413 in call charges was realised with 590 calls answered at the cost of only a local call.

This was achieved with no change to the existing phone number contacts and minimal client-facing changes to their existing call flow. The success also provided a platform for us to bring more clients into this best-in-class initiative. 

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