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Business Travel Reporting

Empowering you to make long-term savings through effective business travel reporting.

Business travel reporting made easy

As the old saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” We’ll help you make the most of your programme by providing effective reporting on corporate travel. We’ll give you the data you need - in an easy-to-use, online tool - so you can make smart decisions on how to get more from your corporate travel programme.

Our award-winning business intelligence platform means it’s never been simpler to carry out effective business travel reporting and identify opportunities for long-term savings.


Access data insights quickly and easily

Spend less time reporting and more time managing with CWT's simple language query tool. By harnessing Artificial Intelligence and cutting edge search technology, more is now possible.

With powerful search, visualisation and sharing capabilities, our tool will change how you interact with your data – modern, efficient, simple and immediate. The future of travel management data analysis is here.

Our innovative data reporting tool makes travel reporting as simple as using the internet – reducing time, improving data driven decision making and making travel management more effective.

24/7 online access to business travel reporting

Our innovative business intelligence platform is your key to compliance. We’ll help you gather all your data worldwide in one place to give you full visibility across your entire travel programme. With amazing flexibility and power, our platform lets you change your view from worldwide to country to business unit to traveller with just a few clicks.

In addition to standard business travel reporting, our platform provides rich business intelligence capabilities:

  • Custom queries to allow you to get exactly the right business travel reporting information for your organisation’s key stakeholders
  • Built-in benchmarking helps you know how your travel programme stacks up to others.
  • Analysis of your business travel reporting data lets us identify recommended actions you can take to improve your results.
  • Graphic dashboards and charts - with drill-through clicks to the detailed data behind them - help you easily understand your data and share it with stakeholders.

With our business intelligence platform, you have more power than ever to manage your travel programme effectively, monitor your travellers and identify ways to save even more money.

Near real-time business travel reporting

CWT sends data to our business travel reporting system as each booking is made, so you get near real-time access to your travel spend. This helps you and your organisation identify non-compliant bookings as well as provides the most current data possible to our traveller tracking services. When combined with our automated messaging services, you can instantly take action when needed to improve compliance and alert travellers to helpful or important information.

Share reporting on corporate travel easily

Once you’ve reviewed your company’s data, you’ll want to share it with your key stakeholders to gather support for your plans. Our platform makes that easy, too. Once you’ve accessed the data you need, and created the specific charts and visuals you need, it’s simple to export your business travel reporting into a shareable format and even schedule those to send automatically at a time of your choosing.

Measure travel policy compliance

For the most part, business travellers want to do what’s right for their company – and will comply with corporate travel policy when they are aware of the guidelines and book through preferred channels. For those who choose to ignore policy guidelines, monitoring traveller behaviour is key. When you add your credit card data to the travel reservation data CWT already captures in the same business travel reporting tool, you can identify non-compliant expenses or bookings quickly and easily.

Master your data to advance your travel programme

CWT's business intelligence platform not only gives you accurate overview reporting on corporate travel spending, it also helps you advance your company’s specific goals with detailed analysis on specific areas of expenditure. For example:

  • See where your travellers spend most of their corporate travel budget – which categories and even which suppliers.
  • Measure your travel spending against budget targets, in near real-time
  • Benchmark your travel programme performance against all CWT clients or just your peers.
  • Keep a close eye on the number of bookings being made in certain cities, countries or continents and create an effective supplier strategy based on these insights
  • Monitor average airfares and hotel rates to spot potential savings opportunities by shifting supplier strategy.
  • Quickly draw informed conclusions based on accurate, near real-time insights.
  • Tailored recommended actions based on your specific corporate travel reporting data to help you support your company’s cost containment initiatives.

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