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Boosting traveller satisfaction

From employees to business globetrotters

4 ways to keep your travelling employees happy

When most employees think about business travel, they expect an early wake-up call, long-flights to a foreign destination, and lack of sleep due to extreme jet lag. There is a strong negative connotation around travel for employees. However, through extensive research, we have driven four prize-winning tips to convert your employees from being travel-averse to a business globetrotter.


Location negotiation

According to studies, 87% of travellers say staying in a hotel close to business is important. Being situated closer means less travel time and fewer expenses, but it also allows employees to challenge their jet lag and get more time to sleep, increasing productivity at work. It may be obvious, but is often lost in the pursuit of savings.



Hotel or motel

When travelling for business, most employees see their hotel as the home away from home. Giving them a reason to want to leave their cozy bed behind and take up residence in accommodation elsewhere needs an incentive. Hotels with extra amenities, such as early-checks, customisable pillows, and a swimming pool to relax in before or after work, adding extra comfort and making travelling for business more enjoyable.



Juice, or was it mousse?

83% of travellers mentioned that fitness plays a major part in their life, even when travelling for business. Many employees do not want to break their routine, especially when it comes to months of hard work and training. Hotels with various specific dietary offerings and workout spaces are always top choices for business travellers. After all, endorphins help employees be more productive too.



Connectivity matters

87% of employees want to be online with regular access to Wi-Fi. Beyond business needs, employees require the internet for their personal needs too. High-speed Wi-Fi is required for many things, such as video calling and sharing large data files, which is not often offered in hotels or in-flight. Offering premium Wi-Fi is a small addition, but goes a long way for travelling employees and boosts productivity.

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