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CWT Personalized Communication Services

Inform, advise and reinforce at every step

Automated, targeted messaging helps you achieve company goals

You need to manage travel processes, control costs and drive preferred supplier use. While creating a travel policy is a crucial first step, informing employees about the policy, advising them about noncompliant choices and reinforcing good decision-making are equally important.

What’s your goal?

Improve travel policy compliance

Better manage supplier agreements

Raise awareness of total cost of travel

Increase traveller satisfaction

Provide timely, destination-based information

Our personalized communication services allow you to send automated emails or SMS messages to your travellers and other stakeholders about any travel policy aspect. Its unparalleled flexibility gives you an easy, customizable way to boost your communications effectiveness and achieve results.

Through improved program and supplier compliance, our personalized communication services deliver value and compelling ROI. You can expect to save an average of 4 to 7% the first year.

GOAL: Raise total cost of travel visibility


Christine books an international flight.


If she doesn’t know about her company’s mobile policy before her trip, Christine may incur unexpected expenses that may not be reimbursable.


After booking, Christine receives an email with mobile policy information. A text message sent on the day of her trip reminds her to take action:

Travel reminder: Don’t forget to disable roaming on your mobile phone/other wireless devices before take-off. Have a safe trip!


Christine turns off data roaming and avoids surprise charges. Her company raises awareness of the total cost of travel and keeps employees happy.

GOAL: Improve supplier performance

Bob books a non-preferred hotel.


His company misses a savings opportunity and experiences reduced negotiating power with preferred hoteliers. 


Bob receives an email encouraging him to rebook at a preferred hotel to take advantage of negotiated rates:
Thank you for arranging your trip through CWT. Our records show you booked a non-preferred hotel. Help us maximise savings by changing your reservation to a preferred property …


He changes his reservation to a preferred hotel, which saves his employer money and supports its supplier commitments. 

GOAL: Increase travel policy compliance

Stephanie does not book the lowest airfare available. 


Her choice affects her company’s negotiated air contracts and savings opportunities. 


Stephanie receives an email asking her to rebook a more economical flight:

Your flight reservation exceeds the lowest available price. Please change your booking to a less expensive one if possible. Choosing the lowest fare helps us stretch our travel budget.  


Pre-ticket data triggered the email, so Stephanie is able to change her flight. Over time, her company improves travel policy compliance and controls costs through increased lowest fare acceptance.  

Personalized Communication Services: your voice throughout the trip

What would saving a 4 to 7 % this year mean for your travel programme

Whether you want to generate immediate savings, educate travellers, implement tactical communications or change behaviour, talk to us. We can help you reach your goals with customisable, automated messaging.


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