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Hotel Safety & Security E-Book

Essential insights to keep your travelling employees safe

Going above and beyond traditional hotel safety and security

Safety and security remains a priority for many travel managers. Especially with unfortunate events and acts of Mother Nature, these unforeseeable moments can occur during any business trip. Our e-book includes a collection of guidelines on selecting lower risk accommodation, booking accommodation within your program, and best practices on travelling safely.

Sneak peek: What can travellers do to stay safe?

  • Request a room away from the lobby or public areas.
  • Stay on a mid-level floor between three and seven. Lower floors are less safe; higher floors pose a greater risk during a fire.
  • Ask the front desk representative to write your room number down instead of saying it aloud. If spoken, request a new room.

These tips are a glimpse of the insights you will uncover. Download our e-book to gain full access.

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