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Chat with a CWT Counselor

Give your employees a convenient way to connect with CWT, 24/7

CWT’s messaging service gives your employees a fast, easy way to connect with CWT to manage their travel 24/7. Familiar chat-style messaging combines digital practicality with a human touch. With one tap on the myCWT website or app, your employees can quickly begin sending travel-related messages to a CWT counselor.

Features and Benefits

CWT's virtual assistant 


Enhances convenience.

Your employees can send and reply to messages on their schedule 24/7 using the myCWT website, app or or an approved third-party messaging tool.

Saves time, increases productivity.

Entering a few key words is all it takes. This efficient, easy-to-use service helps employees spend less time and energy on managing their travel.

Increases engagement, satisfaction and program compliance.

Because messaging is a simple, commonly used type of service, employees are more apt to be engaged and stay within your travel program.

For more information on setting up messaging, speak to your CWT representative.

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Simplify business travel for your employees

Give them the digital tools they want and the seamless experience they expect.