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Business Travel Savings

CWT helps you build a travel program that could help your company achieve travel savings and works well for your employees.

CWT offers many ways to business travel savings

As a leader in corporate travel management, CWT spends a lot of time and energy helping our clients save money:

  • Helping you build your program to deliver savings goals.
  • Through negotiated deals - yours and ours.
  • At the point of sale - via travel counsellors, online or mobile.
  • When your company negotiates with suppliers.
  • Through identifying program improvements.

Building business travel savings into your program

CWT helps organisations of all sizes save money on business travel with advice and vast experience on what travel programs should include as best practice. Our staff works closely with company travel managers to help them design a program optimised for savings. We have sample travel policies, examples of what works, and measurement tools. Based on our experience with more than 10,000 clients around the world, we know what effective travel management looks like. You can count on our expertise to help you get the most from your travel program.

Our buying power - and yours - drives business travel savings

Some organisations are big enough to negotiate their own discounts with airlines, hoteliers and car rental companies; but those negotiations will never cover all of your business travel needs. That’s where CWT comes in. As one of the world’s leading business travel management companies, we have the buying power to negotiate deals with many leading suppliers, all around the world. Our deals can supplement yours, giving you travel savings in places you wouldn’t have them on your own. If your company lacks the size, scope or resources to negotiate with suppliers, our deals can offer business travel savings - often including extra amenities - without the time-consuming contracting process for you.

The right price in the right place.

All of those negotiations are wasted if your travellers can’t access your negotiated rates - or ours - at the point of sale, through every company-approved booking channel. CWT’s single platform strategy ensures all of your employee booking options - phone, online and mobile - reflect your company’s preferred suppliers and rates. We even offer GDS rate audit services to ensure the rates in booking systems are actually ones you want your employees using. And, when your rate isn’t available, our broad array of negotiated supplier deals can still give your company business travel savings. We’re so confident in our negotiated hotel rates, we offer a Best Rate Guarantee up to USD $500.

Even after booking, CWT’s Price Optimisation service can monitor airfares and hotel rates to take advantage of price drops. Our automated system does the hard work, and we’ll just contact your traveller if a lower price becomes available for the same type of booking. Your employee makes the choice; your company enjoys the travel savings.


Supplier negotiations that drive travel savings

CWT helps you better negotiate with travel suppliers by giving you a robust, award-winning business intelligence tool to gather the data and information you need to get the best possible deals. Need to know how much your employees travel using each supplier, on which routes and at which properties? You can access that and so much more 24/7 using our easy-to-use travel management command center, CWT AnalytIQs.

For advanced analytics and personalised negotiations support with expert advice, just turn to our travel consulting division, CWT Solutions Group. They can help you negotiate smarter, compare your discounts to peer groups, or even handle all of your company’s supplier negotiations for you. With an average ROI of 13:1 for consulting engagements, they’re well worth every penny. The time and resources you save with CWT can be focused on other ways to make your business a success.

CWT’s reporting suite helps you achieve business travel savings

When it comes to making business travel savings long-term, insight is everything. CWT AnalytIQs gives you full visibility of every area of your corporate travel spend. It helps you make informed budget decisions, improvement recommendations, and showcase the value you bring to your organisation.

Being able to accurately monitor your travel spend will help you evolve your corporate travel policy – as well as keep an eye on how your spending ranks against other CWT clients or your peers. We’ll also use your data to deliver you customised recommendations - with budget estimates - that tell you exactly what business travel savings your company could potentially achieve by making small changes.


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