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5 ways to deliver travel ROI


Is every part of your travel program working together to deliver value? Go beyond savings to create a travel program that drives business results.

1Improve compliance

Make it easier for your employees to spend within your travel policy.

Improving compliance need not involve cost-cutting measures. Use targeted emails and text messages for more effective employee communications on compliance. You can educate, change actions, and provide positive feedback for desired behaviors from your traveling employees – while they stay informed and connected.

Tools that improve travel policy compliance can deliver up to 2 percent savings to air travel spend 

Automation of business processes will boost global productivity and raise GDP 

2Increase productivity

Productivity: the value you get from the work you put in.

Processes that improve productivity help your people continue to do great work, but expend less time, stress and energy. Technology like CWT’s data search tool speed up reporting tasks, allowing more time for strategic travel management. Our messaging service simplifies and automates travel communications—helping travel managers save time and reach their program goals.

3Make your existing program work harder

Another great way to boost productivity?

Search for savings without lifting a finger! Apply AI-enabled services that stretch travel budgets further by using the most dynamic pricing practices. CWT’s price optimization services automatically rebook air and hotel reservations at lower prices pre- and post-ticketing. You gain measurable ROI that incorporates hard cost savings, plus increased employee engagement and productivity.

Find an extra 3 percent in savings on your air spend and 2 percent on hotel spend using CWT's price optimization service 

88 percent of millennial business travelers say their job-related travel experience affects overall job satisfaction 

4Boost employee satisfaction

The travel experience matters to your employees.

More so now, as a new generation of digital natives enter the workforce. CWT helps you ensure employees are satisfied and empowered when traveling. We offer them more choice, with over 800,000 properties included within company travel policies, and a seamless experience with access to myCWT’s travel platform online, via the app and over the phone. 

5Use experts to get better deals

Access to our pool of specialized experts helps you get the best deals across all areas of your travel program.

From sourcing experts that apply dynamic strategies to get the best deals across air, hotel and ground transportation, to RoomIt’s hotel program that help you save up to 1.6% of total travel spend. Leverage CWT’s specialized networks to get the best value from your program.

Using RoomIt's hotel content can save clients up to 5.8 percent on hotel spend 

Share these tips with your colleagues or save the file for future use. We have made a PDF version of our insights about how to drive more value through your travel program.

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