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How a communications plan helped bridge misconceptions and improve compliance

Halving hotel room leakage among travelers in 5 months

A professional services firm wanted to increase compliance and encourage their employees to use hotels that were part of the company’s hotel program. Travelers, on the other hand, believed that they were able to get better rates by booking on their own. This disjoint caused inefficiencies in the booking process, reduced the spend with preferred vendors, and compromised safety policies. 

Find out how we helped to bridge this misconception, reduce hotel leakage and improve compliance. 

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Consolidating on-site travel teams

Evolving with our client’s needs to provide the best service

A global e-commerce retailer was operating their travel program through two on-site CWT travel teams in their Bangalore and Hyderabad offices.

They believed that the face-to-face, consultant-driven offering provided their employees with better support. At the same time, they recognized the challenge that the in-person service created:  difficulty in tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and productivity of the consultants, as well as lengthier call waiting times.

Find out how we helped to strike the right balance and achieve maximum efficiencies. 

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Introducing a new caller delivery workflow with minimal changes to the existing process

Turning the dial on travel program savings 

A long-standing CWT client had been operating under a multi-service center globally, including nine markets in Asia Pacific. The client only had two direct booking channels: the online booking tool and telephone.

This meant that the telephone was an extremely important service, especially when an overseas traveler needed help with their booking. However, it also resulted in large bills as it meant that employees were making international calls while they were traveling. 

Find out how we introduced a new caller workflow with minimal impact to employees.

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