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Business Traveller Care

Support your employees wherever they go with safety, security and medical services.

No organization can afford to ignore its traveller care responsibilities

Care for travelling employees, protect your business

As travel slowly restarts around the world, what will it mean for the employee experience and how should a travel manager prepare?

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Download the return-to-travel checklist for your essential guide to travel planning.

Other details on how to prepare for a return to business travel and easy to use return to travel dashboards.

Services enhance traveller care and the business travel experience

Handle everyday travel disruptions, not just crises

No matter where your employees travel for business—from Australia to Zambia and anywhere in between—CWT gives you access to critical tools, information and services that help you to:

  • Anticipate issues and stay informed about known incidents that may affect business travel, hamper productivity, or jeopardize your employees’ health, safety or security.
  • Manage trip disruptions—ranging from minor inconveniences to major incidents—that can threaten business plans and your employees’ well-being.
  • Quickly locate your employees in an emergency and provide business traveller support.
  • Take further action to enhance your corporate traveller care program.
  • Gain insight about the actions you could take with real-time advice and destination intelligence information.
  • Empower employees to manage or avoid potentially unsafe, unhealthy or unproductive situations.

Here’s a closer look at how CWT helps you deliver more traveller care.

Reduce employee stress

Itinerary-based safety, security and medical alerts in myCWT web and app helps your employees handle the unexpected and make informed, proactive decisions about their travel. Empowering employees with trip-relevant information can reduce the impact of travel disruptions, which helps lower their stress and enhance traveller care.

Get peace of mind 24/7

CWT monitors and evaluates major worldwide events 24/7 to give you added peace of mind when it comes to traveller care. When a serious incident likely involves or affects business travellers of our clients, we activate our crisis communication protocol to help you to react quickly and support any affected business travellers.

Predict and plan

Provide better business traveller support and care by anticipating what may lie ahead. Email advisories supply vital destination intelligence information, helping you to identify, assess and monitor travel threats and known incidents.

Traveller tracking

In an emergency, you need to know where your travellers are—immediately. Through CWT’s proprietary business intelligence and reporting tool, you can view the geographic location of your travelling employees at a pre- or post-ticket level. Traveller tracking reports help you know if you need to supply business traveller support and if so, where.

Keeping business travellers informed on the go

Knowledge is power

Using our award-winning mobile app, your business travellers can view essential information about their trip destinations and receive itinerary-based incident alerts. Destination details, including climate, currency and required vaccinations, are just a tap away. So are timely, trip-relevant advisories that help them plan, prepare, and manage potential risks and disruptions. Even when your employees are on the move, CWT gives them access to traveller care right at their fingertips.

CWT helps you implement a traveller care program that meets your needs

More care. Less risk. One solution.

CWT gives you access to an integrated traveller care solution that aligns with your specific needs and may include services, such as:

  • Travel risk management.
  • Medical.
  • Security assistance.
  • Information and analysis.
  • Emergency response.
  • Preventative programs.
  • Traveller aid 24/7.

Find out how you can raise the bar on traveller care

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