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Are you ready to travel?

How to prepare for a return to business travel



As travel begins to pick up, the opportunities for face-to-face interaction will lead to innovation and growth, and a welcome return to the connections we previously took for granted.

From a traveler’s perspective, it can seem like there are more questions than answers. Read our insights into how to prepare, what to consider and how to minimize risk during your trip.

What do you need to know?

Review your company’s travel policy before you book. As travel evolves, changes can occur at short notice. Download the myCWT app to reach a travel counsellor 24/7 and receive alerts.

Numerous countries have introduced border restrictions, changing visa requirements and quarantine rules to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

IATA provides drop-downs by country for regulatory information on passport, visa and health requirements. CIBT provide immigration news.  

Now, more than ever, it’s important to book through your company’s preferred channels.

This range of measures by the World Health Organization, safe travel practices by the WTTC and precautions by International SOS are effective for business travelers. General precautions include not traveling if you are ill, careful and regular hand-washing, and following physical distancing advice.  

As countries move out of lockdown, testing is likely to become commonplace at airports and prior to boarding. ICAO provides airport updates.

Some airlines are introducing rapid Covid-19 tests to detect antibodies and check-in kiosks that monitor temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate.

Check your airport and airline’s website for the latest information, when to arrive and what to expect.

Find airline schedules from OAG and links to airline websites.

Do not travel if you are feeling unwell.

Most car hire companies have introduced protective measures like advanced sanitation and the ability to pay for your rental at the time of pick-up with no cancellation fees.

Find links to major car hire companies.

Check the COVID-19 pages of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft For changes to essential travel.

Many trains are operating at limited capacity. Research rail information before you travel. While onboard, practice physical distancing where possible, by sitting two rows apart.

Responses to the COVID19 crisis by governments, airlines, hotels, trade organizations, and others are varied.  There has not yet been single, unified, global issuance of requirements or best practices.

CWT expects that the responses will continue to evolve as more is learned about the virus, vaccines and treatments, sanitation practices, traveler expectations and tolerances, and reasonable business practices, to name a few of the many factors involved in managing infectious disease.

We have seen hotel chains with more marketing resources create new hotel cleaning policies and promote them actively on their website, membership databases and or through various press announcements

Many independent hotels do not have the same marketing resources but we are seeing that many are also taking a cue from these bigger chains and/or applying local regulations if they exist to be able to open their properties to the public.

CWT is monitoring these varied responses and proactively engaging with industry stakeholders to remain at the forefront of travel management.

As an example, we developed a digital collection of direct-to-the-source links to relevant responses by key industry participants.  We recommend you repost this link on your company intranet or on CWT Program Messenger for example so your travelers have access to this consolidated list of hotel resources when they require it.

Likewise, travel counselors will not provide legal or health related advice, but will be able to refer to the same source for finding and relaying industry information.

All of which is to say, we are here for you, with the most relevant information available, to help you make informed decisions about your travel program.


Download the return-to-travel checklist for your essential guide to travel planning.

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CWT cannot offer specific advice about travel restrictions, or policy changes, as those depend on the business realities for each individual organization.

The information provided here is not exhaustive, may not address your individual requirements and is for informational purposes only. We endeavor to keep the below information up to date, but given the special circumstances that may change from day to day, we make no warranties of any kind on the accuracy of the information. External links provided here are not under the control of CWT and CWT has no control over the availability of those sites. CWT shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if any from using the external links. Any refunds and associated charges will be made according to the policy of airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers.

None of the information presented by CWT should be construed as health or legal advice. Be sure to consult with your health advisor about the health implications of travel to you and a legal advisor about the legal requirements for your travel.


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