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15% savings through targeted traveler communications

Case study

The secret to changing traveller behaviour

15% savings through targeted traveler communications

Fast facts

A manufacturing company was seeking to reduce travel costs by 10% globally.

However, they did not want to implement a blanket travel freeze to achieve their goal, and were keen to find alternatives that would not impact their day-to-day activities and long-term business strategy.

The Solution

Through an analysis of their program, we were able to highlight two key opportunities for improvement: increasing compliance, which had slipped over previous months; and reducing the use of flexible fares.

Through targeted messaging to travellers over a one-month period, we were able to effectively influence their behaviour.

Suceess story - bookingPersonalised messages were emailed to travellers when they had specific booking behaviours. These included:

  • A booking made within 7 days of travel, prompting a message to educate the traveller on the savings that can be obtained by purchasing further in advance.
  • Booking of a flexible fare, prompting a reminder that the company’s travel policy requires them to book restricted fares where available and possible.

This short, sharp email campaign encouraged travellers to take up the challenge of reducing costs by changing their behaviour. The benefits continue to be seen, with ongoing savings and improved compliance well past the end of the campaign.

Sucess story - Results

The Results

By reducing the use of flexible fares and increasing compliance, our client was able to generate savings of A$223k in their travel spend year-on-year – 5% more than the 10% savings target that had been set at the start of the campaign.

This was all achieved with no reduction in the number of trips taken, enabling them to continue their project and business development travel.

CWT and the client continue to keep an eye on booking behaviours and now plan to run this program annually as a reminder to travellers and to avoid slips in compliance. Due to the success of the initiative in Australia, the campaign has since been adopted by the client globally.

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