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Engaging Travelers

CWT takes the work out of business travel


Today’s digital savvy travelers want a travel program that works for them—in all the ways they work for you. CWT helps you provide just the right services to keep your employees moving, productive, and in control so adoption becomes a logical choice. We’ll help you take care of business and better engage travelers.

Our people
take care of yours

Technology without people doesn’t make a human connection. People without technology can’t work efficiently. Luckily, CWT offers you great technology backed by the best people in the business of business travel. Hear some of our people’s stories about how they take care of your people:

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One, consistently great experience

myCWT in China

Busy employees want to get things done in whatever way is easiest for them. We get that. We give your people options to access myCWTTM online, H5 website*, mobile app, messaging (live chat), phone calls or email. Best of all, they’ll get the same great CWT experience no matter how they choose to connect with us.

*An H5 – or HTML 5 – website is one that is mobile-friendly and enables myCWT to be integrated into applications like WeChat, as well as clients’ internal systems.

Care for travelling employees

If you travel often enough, sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with a disruption to your plans. CWT has proactive solutions as well as “always on” service to help your employees stay productive and deal with it. Or keep an eye on your upcoming destinations by following our WeChat account for the latest travel alerts.

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Travel technology with a human touch

to serve you better

We promise that when your employees reach out to us, we’ll treat them right. Little things like greeting them by name, knowing their preferences, and getting them just the right flight and hotel add up to great service. Think of your business travel services as an extension of your employee engagement program… we do.

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