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Helping you build a more balanced travel program

Eco iconCWT Solutions Group extracts more value from your business travel and expense program. Value that goes beyond savings to achieve true ROI on your travel program by bringing full visibility on your Travel & Expense expenditure. The ECO approach (Employee, Climate, Organization) meets employee well-being standards, while considering organizational goals and environmental impact.

Access state-of-the-art technology combined with business travel experts. Drive value and growth that reach every part of your business. Start now.

Bring your T&E program to the next level

Travel and expense strategy

CWT Solutions Group provides expertise and insights to design effective travel and expense strategies. Work closely with our consultants to align travel with your business goals and drive results through your T&E program.

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Make data work harder

Data insights

Unlock trends in your travel and expense data. Using AI-driven technologies and our expertise, you can consolidate data from many sources, run advanced data analytics and harness predictive modeling to achieve change.

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Get more from supplier relationships

Supplier management

Innovative supplier relationship management puts you in a prime position for negotiations. We help you create RFP strategy, sourcing approach and on-going contract management around the Responsible Travel pillars. Check out our indexes using client benchmarks and market metrics.

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Borrow our experts to meet your business needs

Travel services outsourcing

In a fast-changing business landscape, use the agility of one of our experts for long and short-term projects. It is the best way to get resources and expertise for your travel program, targeted exactly where your business needs it.

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Meet the experts who make it happen

Our people

We know that success comes from more than just one person. It comes from our teams sharing specialized expertise across many areas. That is why for over 20 years we have brought together a global perspective with unique industry knowledge.

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Trends shaping business travel

Industry insights

What is the next wave in business travel? Get up-to-the minute trends reports, industry insights and an inside glimpse at how new technologies are reinventing travel data. Stay ahead of the curve!

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