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myCWT in China

A seamless omni-channel business travel booking and management experience

First open API-based global travel management platform for China

A true omni-channel experience

In China, myCWTTM is the place where everything comes together for your employees: A consistent look and feel, integrated technology and a great user experience. Travelers and travel arrangers can connect with CWT through multiple channels, including a H5 website*, a mobile app, email and phone calls. Your employees can initiate a booking through one touchpoint, and pick up where they left off on another. And, with access to more content, they will have more choices with airfares and hotel rates, helping them always find the best rates, on-channel and in-program, driving policy compliance.

*An H5 – or HTML 5 – website is one that is mobile-friendly and enables myCWT to be integrated into applications like WeChat, as well as clients’ internal systems.


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Introducing a simplified business travel experience in China

Our new solution is a seamless omni-channel experience that enhances employee experiences, drives productivity, enables savings and cares for your employees while protecting your organization. See what myCWT can do to help your travel program.

Why your employees will love myCWT

Designed for China

  • It's easy to use. Employees can easily make a booking, compare flight and rail options in a single view with confidence they are booking within policy.
  • It puts them in control. Employees can choose how they book and select from multiple payment methods.
  • They can find great deals. With access to a wide choice of airlines and hotels at competitive rates, employees will find the perfect flight or room at the right price.
  • It has everything they need in one place. When you're a busy business traveler, getting consistent information and travel tools you need on multiple devices makes your work life easier.

Why you will love myCWT

  • Locally designed with global connectivity. Designed to meet the needs of Chinese businesses, while integrating with CWT's global products to provide a consistent user experience.
  • Encourages travel policy compliance. When you deliver a helpful system your employees want, adoption becomes a natural choice. More consistency means they are more likely to use the tools you give them.
  • Drives your digital strategy. With open API architecture, myCWT can easily integrate with your own internal systems, improving processes and enhancing the employee experience.

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