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Our promises to you

3 promises that guide everything we do

We live in the fast-moving and rapidly changing world of business travel. Today’s digital technology connects people like never before, transforming the way we think, live and work. This change spans every travel market and sector – increasing supply and demand, while driving higher customer expectations and an unrivalled level of choice.

This shifting landscape creates new opportunities in our industry, with technology enabling us to tailor business travel experiences like never before. Our customers – clients, their employees and suppliers – demand the same levels of service, choice and personalization they experience as general consumers.

Through our many years of experience, we understand our travelers are your employees. We help them be more productive, engaged and well cared for.

We focus on B2B4E, short for “business to business for employees.” We believe we have an opportunity to bring the best consumer experience to your employees, while giving companies like yours what they need to maximize productivity.

CWT has a critical role in helping you support, engage and enable your employees when they are traveling. We’ll help you unleash the talent and value of your business, by offering seamless service—delivered by our people and technology.

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We bring our B2B4E insights together into three core promises that guide everything we do.

Simplifying corporate travel – we remove barriers and free up companies and their employees for what matters most to them.

Connecting to unlock possibilities – we offer more services to companies, their employees and our suppliers to fully unlock all business possibilities.

Moving forward together – we provide confidence to help our clients successfully navigate the future.

These promises serve as the foundation of our customer promise and how we will do business with you.