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Traveller Help

Quick answers to frequently asked questions 


24/7 Emergency Service

In case of an emergency, contact the 24/7 service center for your region or country. A call to the 24/7 service center may result in additional costs. Please verify with your travel manager if you are allowed to use this service. 

24/7 emergency contact information


Looking for a local contact?

You can find CWT offices in over 140 countries and territories. Contact the CWT office near you.

Contact your local CWT office


Travel management support

You don't have to manage travel on your own. We're here to make your booking experience easy.

If the answer to your question is not here, please check the book and manage trip section on our dedicated help platform. You can also call the number in the email with your travel itinerary.

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Covid-19 related travel restrictions and regulations per country