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Tripling mobile adoption rate

Case study

Drive savings and improve employee experience

Tripling mobile adoption rate

A leading manufacturing enterprise wanted to increase employee online adoption for corporate travel as part of the company’s digital transformation journey. At the same time, they also needed to achieve cost optimisation through this initiative. As they operate their procurement department as an internal supplier of business travel services to employees, they had an even greater emphasis on ensuring a good travel booking experience while reducing costs.


The Solution

We established a project team to analyse the status of the client’s business travel management, and assess its travel needs and goals, before coming up with a customised solution for the business.

We then conducted multiple dialogue sessions with the employees and the senior management team, taking in their feedback before implementing a new travel policy. To ensure better compliance, our project team then assisted in integrating the client’s mandatory business travel policy into the OBT.

Because of our successful implementation of the OBT, the customer decided to collaborate with us to promote the use of our mobile app, with CWT being one of the first TMCs to launch a mobile app in China. With the experience we gained from the OBT implementation, our strategic priority was to focus on internal product training. Coupled with a fully conversant operations team, the mobile app was quickly adopted as managers could remind travel-bound staff on the right tools to use and troubleshoot product-related problems.

The mobile app developers were also invited to have a dialogue with users at roadshows, helping them make the necessary tweaks based on the users’ needs. The staff’s active involvement also translated to a better sense of ownership towards the tool, with many of them promoting its use to the wider company.

The Results

Within a short 20 months, we achieved over 30% growth in the customer's OBT reservations. The user rate for mobile reservations also tripled from 14.9% to reach 65%. Currently, the company is maintaining a steady annual online adoption rate of 5%.

In addition, employees have maintained proactive and positive feedback towards the orderly and strategic implementation of the tool and the continuous improvements, as the product helped alleviate their pain points and enhanced their ease of use.

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