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There’s Nobody Like You: From personalization to hyper-individualization

July 05, 2022


By Erica Antony
Senior Vice President & Chief Product Officer for CWT

As we celebrate 150 years in travel, we’re exploring 5 key technology trends that will impact travel in the future. One of these trends, in the world of digital commerce, is the shift from personalization to hyper-individualization. That’s a lot of ‘ization’, so what are we talking about?

Personalization works on providing targeted proposals of content or services based on a users’ segment. The segment criteria will include geolocation and demographics, for example. Consumers or users are segmented based on largely similar choices, but that segment doesn’t always reflect a truly individual need. This explains why when a segment is targeted, the individual user doesn’t always get a relevant offer.


A.I and real-time data

Taking a step forward, a hyper-individualization strategy uses artificial intelligence and real-time data to help understand the true intent behind the behavior of individuals. This allows organizations to curate and deliver content, product/service offerings specific to each individual –based on factors such as their purchase history, social media interests, and searches. With the speed at which the data is analysed, the offers can be made at just the right time.   

Adopting a hyper-individualization strategy results in a user or in- the case of business travel -a traveling employee, getting information based on their needs at that time.  And extending the right services and support needed at that time.  So for example, a traveler is navigating a rail concourse, that’s crowded after disruption to the rail services.  The traveler could be provided with a message providing alternative ways of traveling to their destination, while a chat opens up with a counselor ready to help re-book with knowledge of the existing rail booking and preferences the traveler may have.


To find out what hyper individualization means for business travel and how CWT is getting ready for this new approach to delivering the right services, at the right time, watch this video.


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