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Life Sciences travel

Simplifying travel for HCPs and patients

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A complex and highly-regulated industry, life sciences is one that demands a high-touch and tailored travel program for health care professionals (HCP) and people traveling to participate in medical trials. CWT has been trusted with pharma, biotech and biomedical companies over the past 30 years. Our program is available worldwide in 92 countries and gives clients access to all the data they need to satisfy regulators and their own ambitions. We understand that travel and events are often very closely linked, and our clients benefit from CWT's superior strategic meetings management (SMM) capabilities.

Get to know the mindful traveler

Travel has changed and so have travelers. They are now more mindful and aware of their safety and well-being and impact on the environment. Of course HCPs and patients are still very much dealing with very specific and unique situations where these considerations would not apply.  However for a majority of corporate travelers or meeting attendees, it caused them to rethink, to revise their personal purpose and re-evaluate what is important to them. 

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Consolidating travel with meetings and events

As your industry’s complexities and regulations ramp up, take the complexity down a notch by bringing your events, small meetings and business travel program together in a real way. With CWT it’s all under one roof and this typically saves our clients 13-20%.

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Seamless experience

The vastly differing needs of your travelers, from your HCPs, people participating in clinical trials, guests and contractors, are accommodated with ease by our speciality care desk – who are experts in guest travelers and group travel just to name a few.

An exact science

Complying with healthcare regulations is a top priority, there’s no margin for error. Step into CWT’s data warehouse of complete, global, real-time reports tailored to you and benchmark against peers.

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What our clients are saying

“In a highly regulated industry with so many rules to adhere to, we need a TMC who has the experience to help us navigate our way through. CWT is that trusted partner for us, like us, they always strive to stay one step ahead.”

~ Travel manager, global pharmaceutical organisation

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Delivering savings

$3M+ hard-dollar savings

Case study

Combining people + technology to maintain value and maximize recovery of funds of all tickets issued during the first Covid-19 period.

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Benchmark chart

Identifying best-in-class performance

Case study

Using the latest reporting techniques to validate travel as a means to further talent retention and acquisition goals.

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Global consolidation

A highly complex global consolidation

Case study

Consolidating 23 operating companies and 556 legal entities across 51 countries into a single global travel policy.

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Get the data you need in life sciences


HCP and group travel reporting

HCP and group travel reporting

Experience the difference with our reporting for life sciences organizations: benefit from a switch from reports to globally consistent and relevant data insights at your fingertips.

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With our 30 years+ experience you can rest assured we will drive maximum compliance for your travelers, HCPs and patients and the associated reporting such as transfer of value to HCPs.

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Life sciences companies lead the way in driving sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion. Make your travel program a key contributor to your corporate sustainability goals by using our tools to calculate, reduce and offset carbon emissions.

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Managing Risk

CWT helps you meet your legal and ethical obligations to care for your employees and reduce risk for your company. We’ll help you keep your employees and their data safe, stay compliant with applicable laws, and predict and manage safety and security concerns.


Meet Theresa

Life-changing travel

"Based in the US, Theresa is an experienced CWT consultant, hand-picked for her compassionate and calm nature that allows her to provide a seamless service in extremely emotional and stressful situations to her very special travelers. The vast majority are young cancer patients and their families who are traveling to clinical trials for potentially life-saving treatment."

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