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White Paper: Capitalize on emerging technologies in corporate travel


Technological advancements are accelerating at an unprecedented pace. How will emerging innovations like Generative AI, blockchain, and self-sovereign identity (SSI) transform corporate travel? 

BTN and CWT probed global CEOs, travel managers, industry consultants and tech experts on the promises, questions, and expectations these innovations raise and how they are set to reshape traveler experience, cost control and service delivery in corporate travel and events. 

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  • The technologies that will have the greatest impact on corporate travel in the next 2-5 years
  • How these emerging technologies are poised to control costs, enhance service and security, and boost efficiency
  • The critical challenges, opportunities, risks and roadblocks each innovation raises
  • What travel managers, buyers and experts anticipate from these innovations 

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Are you ready for GenAI, blockchain & SSI in corporate travel?

What should travel managers know about the emerging technologies
and how do you best prepare programs to take advantage of them?

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