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Getting started with CWT

Change for the better


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Moving forward together

How does CWT simplify travel for you

How does CWT simplify travel for you and your employees?

1. With easy, streamlined access via myCWT Online

Online - Mobile - Email - Messaging - Phone
Book any time
Book anywhere
Consistency - no matter how we interact

2. By delivering personalized experiences
One CWT profile powers better service everywhere
Capture insights about travelers
Curated, easy-to-select hotel options

3. By seamlessly connecting people and services , so you don't have to
Making sure our staff has consistent tools, like a single travel counselor technology platform
Fully integrated booking platform, regardless of access point

4. With around-the-clock options
For specific clients using a common service configuration, global service can follow the sun 24/7 for full support at all times

5. By using on-demand staffing
Like ride-hailing staffing to handle call surges

6. By sending positive reinforcement and reminders
Automatic messages tailored to your employees' activities

7. By keeping your employees alerted on the go
Mobile access to helpful tools, messages and information on the myCWT app

8. By giving you a place to share travel-related information online

CWT connects people to help your business succeed

Every journey begins with a single step

CWT helps you navigate change

Whether you are starting a travel program, consolidating a global one or looking for a new corporate travel management company, it’s easy to work with CWT. We will walk you through every step to facilitate a smooth, efficient transition. We’ll help you design a program that fits your needs and will stand with you to drive adoption of it. We’ll also deliver key metrics and reports that show your leadership you made the right choice.

design your succesful travel program

Designing your travel program

Designing your travel management program starts with listening to you. Once we know about your specific goals, we’ll draw on our experience and best practices to help you set up the right program to reach them. As part of this, we can help you develop an effective corporate travel policy to help contain overall business travel spending and enhance the travel experience.

Engage employees

Education and communication pave the way

Engage employees, enhance program adoption

We will put together a customized plan that will help you and your organization prepare for the changes ahead. Working together, we will inform your employees about the changes they’ll see and help them understand the benefits they’ll receive. Engaging employees with information that they care about eases the transition process and gives them more reasons to embrace your new travel management program.

Proof you made the right choice

Reports and key metrics provide validation for change

Proof you made the right choice

Regular reporting and measurement show your company’s leadership that you made the right decision. We’ll conduct regular performance reviews to assess overall travel program performance, examine specific elements, set additional goals and make strategic recommendations. CWT gives you the tools, business intelligence and data you need to take your business travel program to the next level.  

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