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Corporate Travel Policy Compliance

The right reporting, communication and incentivization
tools to improve travel policy compliance for your firm.

Great travel programs start with a strong corporate travel policy

A robust corporate travel policy helps you communicate clear guidelines for your company’s expectations for traveling employees - helping you control travel costs and better care for traveling employees. Savvy companies drive travel policy compliance by tailoring their guidelines to their company’s culture, offering a business travel policy that matches the level of flexibility and cost controls to the goals of their company.

CWT can help make travel policy compliance easy for you and your employees. All CWT booking channels - online, offline or mobile - will automatically filter search results by your company’s policy preferences, including preferred vendors, class of service, and cost. We make it our top priority to offer your employees the best possible choice for both their needs and your corporate travel policy.

Business travel policy monitoring

Our business intelligence command center gives you 24/7 access to monitor travel policy compliance. It logs near real-time data of every travel booking, giving you an overview of what’s being spent where, when, and by whom. You’ll be able to see right away if a business traveler has booked outside your policy, helping you keep your employees - and your company’s budget - on track.


Improving travel policy compliance

Travel policy compliance starts with clear guidelines and a well-communicated travel policy. Your business travel policy needs to be widely circulated and understood by your employees. There are several ways CWT can help you promote travel policy compliance:

  • Integration – By automatically integrating your corporate travel policy parameters into filtered search results, your employee will be presented choices that fall within the framework of your policy.
  • Reporting – You can keep a close eye on the bookings your employees make, generate reports to understand their behaviors, and ensure your travel policy evolves to reflect their needs and preferences.
  • Communication – Our automated messaging service helps you quickly get in touch with your travelers, to remind them of policy rules or make them aware of important or helpful information at any point in their trip. Employees are your responsibility while they’re traveling, and this enhanced service helps you better communicate and care for them.

Do you need help with your corporate travel policy?

From defining your objectives to setting out procedures and making sure it’s communicated well, we work with thousands of companies of all sizes around the world to ensure corporate travel policies work smoothly. Here’s where we can add value to you:

  • Benchmarking compliance – using traveler behavior analysis, we’ll make sure your policy gives you the edge. We can benchmark your corporate travel policy against your peers, so you can learn where improvements can help.

  • Policy review and development – Once you’ve created your corporate travel policy, we’ll work with you to ensure it keeps evolving to become even better, with employee suggestions, shifting supplier strategies, and new business travel patterns incorporated into updates.

  • Travel savings analysis – We’ll help you identify key corporate travel policy changes that may offer new opportunities for savings.

  • Supplier optimization –We work with suppliers across the world in order to secure great rates on hotels, airfares and car rental. We can also help you negotiate with travel suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best possible prices.

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